Some great and enchanting weekend getaways near Kolkata     

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Kolkata weaves a magic of surprises with it the offering of a unique cultural heritage. It exudes an aura of British Indian era through an array of timeless landmarks sketched in its heart. The city of palaces is surrounded by exotic destinations unfolding unforgettable experiences for their travelers.

Apart from the historical treasures in its heart, the subcontinent’s London boasts some of the best getaways in the country. We have compiled you a list of these hot getaways from Kolkata.

Digha, West Bengal, 171 km from Kolkata

Regarded as the Beach Town of West Bengal, Digha is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Bengal.. The town is visited by thousands of tourists from the state for its exotic beaches and scenic views. This destination is a hot favorite amongst families looking to spend some quality time together.


This beach town blends a diversity of major attractions. From religious temples to untouched beaches to research centers, there is a variety on offer for people of all age groups.

Sundarbans, West Bengal,125 kms from Kolkata

Regarded for the largest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarbans is a UNESCO heritage site. The site turns out to be one of the best getaways for people looking for some peace, natural beauty, and dynamic flaura and fauna. It is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to over 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and 30,000 spotted deer.

The site is shared by both India and Bangladesh. One of the best ways to explore Sundarbans is by exploring the site. From roaring rivers to wildlife safaris, the experience of being in Sundarbans is mind boggling.

Santiniketan, West Bengal, 179 kms from Kolkata

Santiniketan is mainly popular for being the home of Rabindra Nath Tagore. It has now been converted into a university called Visva Bharati University. It is a small town right in the heart of Birbhum district.


This university was established by the father of Rabindra Nath Tagore. The university got popularity for spreading a different the concept of education in the country. This town has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Bengal. It combines the art and exotic locations like no other spot in the country.

Shankarpur, West Bengal, 161 kms from Kolkata

The world is currently noticing a surge in synthetic pools made out of natural beaches. However, Shankarpur is one of the most precious luxuries you can ever have when it comes to the thrill of beaches. The best part about being in Shankarpur is that you get a chance to explore the pristine surroundings with a tinge of sun dipping in the sea.

Situated right in the heart of East Medinipur district of West Bengal, Shankarpur is a hub of isolated beaches that gives you the luxury of scenic beauties, calmness, and introspection.

Bishnupur, West Bengal, 150 kms from Kolkata

Often regarded as the town of terracotta temples, Bishnupur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Bengal mainly for its art, handicraft, and architecture.

Bishnupur, West Bengal

This small town in the heart of West Bengal boasts a historical heritage of the country. It presents a mystique aura around its arts, culture, architecture, and music. You can feel it all in the music and Baluchari Saree of the town. Some of the most popular temples of the town are Jorbangia Temple, Rasmancha Temple, and Shyamrai Temple amongst many other.

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