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Odisha is very famous for its temples. It also provides the nation with vibrant handicraft products. Almost in every city of Odisha, there are various souvenir shops. Odisha is also home to beautiful architecture. It is famous for hand embroidery and saris that give an authentic look to Indian women. Odisha offers different souvenirs for art lovers, pilgrims, women, and also for foodies. One can only find such diversity in the Indian states. 

Odisha souvenirs for Art lovers

Filigree work

Filigree work refers to the beautifully carved silver and other jewelry pieces. Paintings on boxes also contain filigree work. It gives a royal look to the simple Indian people. It is the most eloquent gift for close friends and family members. You can get the filigree work at various souvenir shops in Odisha. However, the best place to get one is Nimchauri in Cuttack. It is the best place in India for filigree work.

Filigree work

Pipli work

Pipli is a village between puri and Bhubaneswar in Odisha. It is famous for its colorful patchwork. It is also known as applique. It acts as a good souvenir to remember the story of Odisha. There are generally umbrellas, lamps, and bags woven into this beautiful patchwork. The Pipli work adorns the Jagganath Rath Yatra, every year. 

Pipli work

Konark wheel

Konark is very famous for its sun temple. Many tourists visit the Konark temple in Odisha throughout the year. Wheels of Konark temple symbolize the sun god. You can get the small Konark wheel structure as a souvenir, carved in wood or stone from Odisha. You can also get a small piece of the Konark temple in Odisha. It is sacred to keep this as a souvenir at home.

Konark wheel

Souvenirs in Odisha for the Pilgrims


The rice offered to Lord Jagannath is tied in pink clothes is known as Nirmalaya. It serves as a prasad for the deities. People take it to their homes and mix it with the rice at home. It is so because, after mixing, every grain becomes sacred. After mixing, people consider each piece of rice holy.  


Mini Jagannath

You can find mini Jagannath in almost every shop in Odisha. It is associated with Lord Jagannath and his two siblings, similar to the main idol at the temple in Puri. You can find their idols in black, white, and yellow colors. You can also get Jagannath imprints on the bag, umbrella, and other products.

Mini Jagannath

Odisha cloth souvenir

Pasapalli sari

Pasapalli sari has traditional chess prints, generally in black and white colors, with a tinge of red. It is the most famous Odia sari, which is a favorite of every Odia woman. It is expensive. There is a slight variation in each sari.  For women, it is the main attraction and souvenir to carry back home.  

Kotpad saris

Kotpad saris are traditional handmade saris. The tribes of Koraput in Odisha, specialize in weaving them. The weavers use coarse fabric in creating them. Also, each sari is unique in its way. 

Odisha souvenir for foodies 


It is the most popular Odia sweet given at the temples. It is a dry sweet and is easy to carry back.


Rasagolla is the most popular sweet in Odisha. You can find various varieties of rasagolla in Odisha. You can get gurer rosogolla made from jaggery and brown rasagolla only at Bhubaneswar airport. It is the favorite sweet of Lord Jagannath.  

Odisha tribal artwork souvenir

Rice grain artifacts

The tribal artisans make rice grain artifacts by transferring rice. These artifacts are not easy to carry. However, most people end up buying these artifacts. It requires a lot of patience and hard work to make these pieces as each grain of rice has to be put together.

Animal horn antiquity People use animal horns while making these artifacts. People and governments do not prefer buying these heirlooms. However, you can find them in souvenir and art shops.

Odisha is very popular for its handicraft items. Many tourists visit Odisha to know the Indian handicrafts. It acts as an economic boon to the nation. Many people get employment due to this. The handicraft industry is the best way to express creativity and emotions.

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