Spend many a happy and delicious evenings at Vagator, Goa

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Goan cuisines are quite famous for a decent mixture of many cultures and races of people who have ruled over the place. With the essence of it Indian, Italian, continental and Chinese food can be found easily anywhere. Vagator beach is one essential tourist spot and before you plan your visit there, you should know about different eateries options that could come in handy for your visit.

Burger factory- Located on the Anjuna main road, the Burger Factory is a fast food joint that serves some of the most delicious burgers. Choose yours from a wide variety of menu and taste some of the most delicious burgers. The average two people dining cost are about 1100 INR.


Thalassa- Located in Small Vagator, Thalassa is a cafe dealing mostly in the Greek and Mediterranean cuisines for the most part. The food is delicious and the location is just perfect, in small Vagator. The view of sunset from the cafe is amazing and 1500 INR is what you have to pay for a decent meal for two.


Gunpowder- Despite the nearness from the southern India, it is not very easy to locate some good south Indian food places in Goa. Located on Anjuna-Mapusa road, Gunpowder is one simple and delicious exception. Get here to satisfy your cravings for some great south Indian cuisines, by spending 1000 INR for two.


Baba Au Rhum – As the name suggests itself, the restaurant is a sure shot stop for the hippies. The coffees combined with the European food items is just mesmerizing and leaves your mouth with a taste that is practically unforgettable. You would need to spend about 800 INR for a meal.


Lila cafe- Among the cluster of European food serving eateries in Goa, here comes another one. Lila cafe serves German, Italian and continental food on a great variety. This can also be called as one of the most affordable eateries in town as the average per plate cost stands at INR 800. The restaurant is located at Arpora-Siolim road at Anjuna Goa.

Anand Seafood Restaurant- Like the name suggests, Anand is a seafood joint serving some great dishes full of fish, prawns, lobsters and other seafood items. Other than that, the lovers of Chinese food could also visit here. The per meal cost for two people is INR 600.

Antares- This could be called as one of the most famous restaurants in the entire region. For the love of sunsets, you must head here at least once. Sitting outside, taking in the amazing view of the sunset, have a delicious plate of sea food. Just perfect and that too at a cost of 2000 INR, that’s the money well spent.

German Bakery- Ironically, the place doesn’t serve so much of German food. The highlights of the menu are Italian, north Indian and continental food items which are as delicious as they get. The average cost for two is 700 INR and the place is filled with north Indians almost all the time.


Food is an essential part of any journey and in a foodie’s paradise like Goa, your trip could turn into a delicious one.

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