Start a food affair with Lazeez Affaire, the most delectable restaurant of the town

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What’s Hot?

Boasting of its true flavors, Lazeez Affaire is nestled on the Malcha Marg in Chanakyapuri is a typical North Indian and Mughlai restaurant. The quality and service of the place have been publicly acclaimed by the international tourism. The warm hospitality that is bestowed on the customers is something that takes your heart away.
From Indian to Mughlai to Chinese, enjoy your food with the choicest of drinks at the welcoming bar. Every dish prepared here is with so much love which can be felt in its every bite.
The restaurant attracts a major crowd from the posh colonies of South Delhi and is known as a nice cozy place for family outing. The maximum crowd you will find here is of foreign diplomats and ambassadors who have maintained their loyalty to this spectacular place.

What to try?

What tops the menu here is an assortment of curries, kebabs, soups, and biryanis.

Some of the popular dishes to relish are chapli kabab, kakori kabab, sharabi raan (which has a punch of dark rum in it) and rahra mutton. You will find most of the specialties from the North Indian cuisine.



Don’t forget to try their barbeque menu which will melt in your mouth at every bite. For vegetarians, there is an equally scrumptious menu on the list. Some of the palatable items include Dahi Kebab, Paneer Korma, maharani veg platter and mushroom tikkas. Combine your meal with some drink to relish it better. During winters, you can incorporate hot shorbas that will warm you up and during summers it can be replaced with some chillars i.e., Jal jeera, lassi, kanji, and buttermilk etc.


What’s Special

The restaurant boasts of its clientage, the maximum of which remains to be foreign diplomats and ambassadors. Being in a company of such people, devouring on a great meal, makes you feel as if you are in a different land.


As compared to its vibrant food, the ambiance of the restaurant is very classy and composed.  This is an ideal place for a family get together where one can sit and chit chat with some soft music being played in the background. There is a bar too with the choicest of drinks that can be enjoyed along with every meal.


Due to its proximity to the diplomatic enclave, the place is frequently visited by foreigners. So you are supposed to find a good crowd as well here.

As compared to its quality service and food, the price at Lazeez Affaire is very nominal that can suit every budget pocket. The price for two is approximately Rs. 2000.

Quick Tip
The place remains crowded usually, so it is advised to make prior bookings to avoid later hassles.

The Verdict

That is a casual dining space, specially designed for all standards of society. With its scrumptious food and warm hospitality, the place has maintained a huge client base over the city

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