Ten cycling routes in India

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India is a stunning country, a magnificent blend of ecosystems, customs, and cultures. The country is full of several offbeat attractions and many stunning tourist spots that cannot be visited by riding a motorcycle. But cycling is the perfect way to discover India’s rich topography and history.

Picture yourself cycling through meadows bordered by the tall alpine trees or around the swanky beaches and the breathtaking coastline, picturing cycling across flowing rivers and winds in the hair; everything sounds picturesque and thrilling, it’s not. In no way can the excitement of visiting new parts of India on cycle be substituted. 

Any of India’s most delicate cycling routes travel across its loveliest scenery, whether the tourist is looking for a quick city tour or a cross-state, the list of circuits that should be encountered once in a lifetime given below.

1.    Munnar to Anamalai- Witness the Best of South India:

The 220 km marked itinerary traces the best cycling route from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Starting from Munnar, the cycling journey will go through secret hamlets, including Madupetty, Marayoor, Amarvathy, and end in Tamil Nadu at Annamalai Hills. In just four days, the bike trail will give cyclists the best of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Munnar to Anamalai

2.    Bangalore to Goa- Experience the Greatness of Nature:

Bangalore’s journey to Goa can take one to the diverse Karnataka and Goa landscapes. From Bangalore’s busy streets to Chikmagalur’s small lanes to Gokarna coastal side roads, the famous trek stretches from north to south across the state and leads on to Goa. This 698-kilometer long cycling path begins from India’s popular electronic area, Bangalore. It will also connect to Mysore, a heritage area. Open roads and sparkling Gokarna beaches should make it to the end stage, Goa.

Bangalore to Goa

3.    Chennai to Pondicherry- Journey along the Coast:

East Coast Path, alias State Highway 49, encompasses some of Tamil Nadu’s most stunning squares till Pondicherry. The cycling journey begins from Chennai, travels through Muttukadu, Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, and finishes at Pondicherry, the former French territory. During the ride, sparkling mud, swaying palms, and white sand are also seen.

Chennai to Pondicherry

4.    Mysore to Ooty via Bandipur- Feel the Adrenaline Rush:

This trek should carry you on a roller coaster journey, just in 2 days, it has so much to give. Smooth and open roads at Mysore’s outskirts can drive one to Bandipur’s lush green jungles. Never know that one might see tigers or some other wild animals while cycling. Furthermore, the roads carry one to Masinagudi, and finally, after the awkward hairpin bends, you will reach Ooty.

5.    Mangalore to Goa- Combine Wheels and Water:

It’s one of the most laid-back and comfortable cycling tours on the list. One can see various moods in nature during the trip. NH17 is the main highway that links directly with Goa and Mangalore. This journey will lead you to the clean sandy beaches, sacred temples, chattering waterfalls, and enchanting national parks, far from the city’s hustle-bustle.

6.    Mumbai to Daman:

This charming little location about 170 km north of Mumbai doesn’t get the recognition it merits very much. As a holiday spot, Daman has everything you like-beaches, forts, casinos, and cheap liquor.

Mumbai to Daman

7.    Somnath to Diu (Gujarat):

The cash crop farms that are enclosed by coconut trees grow. The views are stunning. The sea which runs all along is to add to the experience. The beauty of the ambient water is adequate to steal away the breath.

8.    Rameshwaram:

Rameshwaram is among India’s best cycling roads. The blue waters are going to render you speechless. You ‘re going to wonder why India is so much more beautiful than you thought.

9.    NH17 Udupi Trail – Mumbai to Trivandrum:

This trip will fulfill all your sensory needs, for sandy beaches or enchanted woods. Start at Mumbai and go to Mangalore or be an explorer, and take the longer path to Trivandrum, whichever way is undoubtedly a guaranteed treat.

Mumbai to Trivandrum

10.    Leh to Khardung La:

Bike on the highest motorway in the country, from Leh to Khardung La, above which the Siachen Glacier & Khardung La has the highest motorized path in the country. It is one of India’s most arduous yet beautiful cycling routes.

Leh to Khardung La

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