The cafe scene in Darjeeling

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Cafes in Darjeeling

As beautiful a place Darjeeling is for the nature lovers, it can also be seen as a foodie’s paradise if anybody wants to look at it that way. Everybody knows what exotic taste the home grown tea from here possesses. Other than the very delicious street food, carrying all the Bengali flavour, there are many different cafes in the city that are amazing. The new ones are opening up every day and it becomes hard to choose the best ones among them. But we have given it a shot and here is the list of top 5 cafes in Darjeeling that you must visit in order to satisfy your taste buds.

Gatty’s Cafe

Located on the famous Dr. Zakir Hussain road, this lounge cum cafe offers a lot of things to the visitors. From the shows of international and Indian cinema, delicious tea, some live music combined with some great food; this is one in all deal. From the homemade Indian cuisines to the international items such as pasta, sandwiches and pizzas, the place serves everything and as long as you stay here, there will be no moment of boredom. The great crowd in here makes the experience all the more vibrant.


Sonam’s Kitchen

Also located on the Zakir Hussain road, a few metres away from Gatty’s cafe, Sonam’s kitchen is also one other crowd puller in the place. The city is known for the tea, but the coffee right here in this little cafe will make you forget that fact. The coffee in your mouth is all you feel. They have an interesting collection of books and they deal mostly in the fast foods and stuff, but healthier and delicious to their core.



The waffles and pancakes that are being served here are so delicious that people don’t mind standing in the lines to get their turns. The breakfast here along with a great cup of coffee is inhumanly tasty here. The different variety of the tea that gets served here reminds you very well of what this place is famous for. The waffles, grilled sandwiches and multigrain breads are the highlights of the vivid menu that includes purely vegan dishes. The Foodsteps is located at the Nehru Road.



If the craving for some local food takes over, do visit Kung’s cafe located at the Gandhi Road. Deals mostly in the Tibetan meals, the noodles and the steamed momos here are just pure delicious. While Ranbir Kapoor, the bollywood actor, was shooting for his movie Barfi here, it is said that he fell in love with the food here and visited at least once a day despite the busy schedule.

Hot Pizza Place

HD Lama Rd is not known for so many good cafes but this one is an exception. Deals in Italian cuisines mostly but you can find almost anything here. Pasta, Panini, sandwich and noodles are the highlights of the restaurant and there are so many different varieties of pizza that one can get lost in all the taste and brilliant baking aroma.

Frank Ross Cafe

One of the very few restaurants in Darjeeling serving both the non veggies and the vegetarians alike is Frank Ross Cafe which happens to be located on the Mall Road. The global menu includes the native Indian dishes along with the international ones. A perfect amalgamation of class and style can be found here.



As unique is the name of this cafe cum restaurant, so is its class. The gun themed place is sort of a museum for the tourists. Beetles are the biggest inspiration for the name of the place as it’s named after one of the most popular song from the rock band. Pancakes, mashed potatoes and soups along with a lot other items are the biggest highlights of the place. The cafe is located at Gandhi Road behind Union Chapel.

So these are the top 7 cafes one must visit during their next trip to Darjeeling. Delicious bites, piping hot coffee and friendly services in these cafes is sure to leave all the foodies in awe.

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