The mythological celebration that is Varanasi

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Hinduism happens to be the most dominant of all the religions in the country, and Varanasi is the holiest of the holy spots for them. It has been there for thousands of years as the centre of holistic and religious practices, Varanasi is located in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. A bus ride from Lucknow will take you here in a few hours of time, and you won’t even have enough time to pump yourself up for the great marvel of a city that you are going to witness.

The hot humid weather welcomes in the months of May-September which are deemed as the best for a visit to the place. As you set foot out of the bus into this wild dream of a city, you know you are in for something very beautiful and an engaging experience which you will take with you to your graves, no one can take that from you. The chaos in the city was exhilarating yet annoying. The economic conditions in the place are not among the best in the country, but beneath that mindless chaos, there is a soul in Varanasi that lies deeper. It touches on the places inside that you didn’t know existed.

The lifeline of the city is the Ganges, the holy river. That works as a two-edged sword, the excuse for the people in here to feel superior to rest of the country and it also provides them their means of living. Let’s explore the things about this enigmatic city that you may visit as you go in there to have an experience.

The Ghats- The highlights of the city, its lifeline for which Varanasi holds a special place among the Indians. Hindus believe that taking their last breaths on one of these ghats is the only medium of achieving true salvation from the cycles of life and death. Located along the banks of the river and spread through the entire city, these Ghats have become synonymous with the city.


Religious centers- Being a religious place, Varanasi has a lot of temples, mosques and other religious monuments within it. Some of the most mentionable temples are Gauri Matha temple, Durga temple, Kaal Bhairav temple, Nepali Hindu temple, Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Sankat mochan temple.


Chunar fort- Known as the oldest structure of its kind, the fort got built about 2000 years ago. This is a wonderful place for the ones who wants to explore the city beyond its religious nature.


Ghats – Look out for different ghats which come in the way across the holy river. Each of these ghats holds an own special place in the religious geography of the city. Visit Ganges River Varanasi to experience the Aarti Ceremony at Dashaswmedh Ghat. The Aarti Ceremony starts after sunset & the duration in the aarti ceremony is 45 minutes approx.

Boat Rides- The boat rides that take place in the sunset or the sunrise are eccentrically beautiful. Listen to the guide who will row the boat (in case it isn’t a motorboat though) as he tells you some wonderful legends about the place.


Shopping in Varanasi is a totally exhilarating experience in itself and Banarasi silk sarees form a crucial part of an Indian bride’s collection. Varanasi offers richly worked saris are known to have passed on from generations to generations.


To satisfy the hunger pangs, one can visit the Dosa Café located at Dasaswamedh Ghat. The special upma, and the variety of dosa’s are delicious. Niyati Café in Varanasi has fewer tables but once the food arrives, you’ll live it and relish every bite. You can try its potato curries, palak paneer and naan to please the foodie in you.


Sarnath located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is 10 kms away from the holy city of Varanasi. Sarnath has been a world famous Buddhist site in Varanasi and is embedded with many Stupas worth visiting. The most pleasant time to visit the Sarnath temple is during October to March.


The most important Hindu Pilgrimage in the entire country, Varanasi is also a tourist’s delight, whether they are religious or not.

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