The scenic mesmerising attractions at Daman and Diu

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Two small enclaves in the westernmost part of the country, Daman and Diu are bounded on all sides by the Indian state of Gujarat. The places fall on the mouth of the Daman Ganga River and combined together, they form two of the most exquisite tourist spots in the country.

How to reach

The Daman airport is well connected with the Mumbai and the Vadodara airport. The nearest domestic and international airport to Daman and Diu is Mumbai, located at a distance of 193 Kms. From Mumbai, there are six weekly flights that would take you to Diu.

The nearest located railway station to Daman is Vapi, which is only 12 km away from the city. The Delwada railway station is closely located to Diu.

Places to visit

Devka Beach (Daman)- Devka beach is a pure beauty. The view of the sunset while sitting on the beach is a sight to savor. The untouched beauty of the beach is mesmerizing as it has been kept unspoiled, pure and charming. The well-maintained cleanliness and the crystal blue water makes want to not ever leave the place. The beach also has a special Amusement Park where you can indulge in a variety of recreational activities.


Cathedral of Bom Jesus (Daman) – Due to the strong Portuguese connection since the earlier times, the churches display a remarkable and brilliant roman styled architecture. One such beautiful monument is Cathedral of Bom Jesus, which is amongst the most significant religious monument for them.  The church was built long back in 1603 and the structure still stands beautifully.


The Lighthouse (Daman) – Located at Daman Ganga Bridge, the Lighthouse is one of the major landmarks of the district of Daman. Situated in the premises of a Fort, the Lighthouse is a serene place to visit, especially during the evening. The sunset view from the top of the lighthouse could be one massive reason for its popularity.


Mirasol Lake Garden (Daman) – The calm and serene man-made place makes the tourists spend a few hours in the silence amidst the trees and flowers. The boat rides and fountains add to the overall charm of the garden in a great way. The computer game parlors are also there inside the park to lure in the younger tourists.

St. Jerome Fort (Daman) – Also known as Nani Daman fort, the magnificent monument holds a massive statue of Saint Jerome, one of the earliest fathers of the Catholic Church. The main attractions of this fort are the Church of Our Lady of the sea which is a notable example of Portuguese style architecture and the Portuguese war cemetery which is almost as old as the fort.

Golden beach (Diu) – The golden sand beach is one of the highlights of Diu providing a mesmerizing view of the deep oasis of the Arabian sea. The astonishing view of the sunrise and sunset from the beach is breathtaking.

St. Paul Church (Diu)- One of the best pieces of architecture in the entire region, St. Paul church is a great reminder of the Portuguese influence in Diu. One of the highly visited religious monuments in the area is dedicated to ‘Our lady of immaculate conception).

Nagoa Beach (Diu)- One of the centers for the thrilling water sports in the crystal blue waters of the Arabian sea, Nagoa beach quite popular among the tourists. When the beach is not in chaos due to the water sports, its quite calm and peaceful.

Naida caves (Diu)- The Naida caves are located on the periphery of the great Diu fort. The biggest attraction about this place is a long channel of tunnels which are a cause for amazement for an average tourist.

Activities to do in Daman and Diu

Diu- Water sports are quite popular in the region and the adventurous waters of the Arabian Sea, at the Nagoa beach offers some of the best water sporting events the tourists could hope for. The parasailing, surfing, banana boat rides, jet skiing, water zorbing and the hot air balloon rides over the ocean could take the adrenaline junkies to a marvelous ride.

For the kids, there are little boat rides and beach biking where they could have something of themselves to enjoy. The early minutes of evenings are considered to be the best for having a go at these water sports. Apart from the water sports, the tourists can enjoy the bird spotting and dolphin spotting in Diu and along with that, the liberation day festivities shouldn’t be missed as well.

Daman- Talking about the outdoor activities, Daman has no dearth of options to offer the tourists. The adventure junkies can head to the Bordi beach, the Mandva beach and Tarkali beach where snorkeling, para-sailing, water skiing and wind surfing are rather common. The exquisite wildlife is also one other highlight of Daman which offers wildlife photographers and enthusiasts a great opportunity to feel the wild animals in their entire wilderness. Tadoba national park, Sanjay Gandhi national park, and Navegaon national park are the perfect spots for that.

What to eat

There are two basic cultural influences on Daman and Diu, Gujarati and Portuguese and the cuisines also reflects the same. The people here mostly have the access to the sea food for obvious reasons and it is delicious, to say the least. Tawakkal, Pind Punjab da, Hotel Miramar and Daman delight are some of the places you can consider where you could have north Indian cuisines as well.

Best season to visit

The place boasts of a moderate climate throughout the year and can be visited any time. The months of October to February which mark the winter season of Daman are considered the peak time to visit Daman as sightseeing is more comfortable during the day time. You can also take pleasure in water sports and other tourist activities during this time.


There are many beautiful hotels facing the sea. The rooms are clean and nicely air conditioned. Hotel Emerald, Hotel Sai Kripa and Hotel Blue Lagoon would be our best bets.

The place is perfect for a brief holiday and you must not be hesitant to come here due to the low popularity of the place compared to other holiday destinations in the country.

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