The spectacular Nelong Valley is another Ladakh for tourists

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The one place in Uttarakhand that remains untouched from the interference of human race is Nelong Valley. Also known as the Leh-Ladakh of Uttarakhand, the place is located near the Indian China border and offers some of the best picturesque visuals to the beauty seeking tourists. Due to the heavy segregation, the place looks more like a desert and while it must be brimming with the chaos of the tourists, it remains silent for the most part of the year.

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How to reach

The nearest airport to the valley is Jolley Grant airport which happens to be located at about a distance of 380 kilometres from the valley and you then have to take a bus or hire a taxi that will bring you here in about 5 hours. The place is well connected by roads to Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradoon. So travelling to the valley shall not be difficult.

About the place

The virgin natural beauty of the place has compelled more and more tourists to come visit the place and as a result, the tourism has begun to rise in the beautiful valley. Located at an altitude of about 11,000 feet above the sea level, the valley looks like a snow desert, much like Leh Ladakh. And as a result, Nelong valley is slowly becoming to be the best alternative for the tourists looking to visit the hard and unbearably cold terrains of Leh Ladakh.

Nelong Valley

Along with the charming landscapes, with the pure natural beauty all around, the valley also houses some of the rarest and exquisite wild animals such as snow leopard, the musk deer, and Himalayan blue deer. The lucky tourists can easily get a glimpse of these animals every now and then, in case they pay proper attention to the surroundings.

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Road trips are quite popular to the valley, much like the Leh Ladakh trips that the youngsters have become accustomed to. The recommended period to stay in the place is about a day as in that time, you would see almost everything the valley has to offer in terms of the snow capped mountain peaks, delicious flora and fauna, the wilderness in their pure natural habitat among other things.

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Best time to visit

Winters are the worst time to come to the place, so the tourism board of the state recommends that the place must only be visited only between the months of May-November. Although, being a politically significant place, the government has allowed only a limited number of vehicles to enter the valley.

Travel tips

-The tourists can not bring their personal vehicles inside the valley. The forest vehicles, total six in numbers will bring you here.

-The valley is available for the sightseeing by the Indian tourists exclusively, due to its closeness with the Indo-China border.

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The tourists will need to go through a fitness test before entering the valley.

The strict laws imposed by the government are one of the main reasons for the place being deserted to a large extent. But despite all that, the place remains as beautiful as a place can be and the increasing number of tourists per year is quite hopeful.

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