The ultimate wildlife experience at Kaziranga

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A world heritage site, Kaziranga National Park is home to over 1500 one horned Rhinos, some wild elephants, and water buffaloes and also the Bengal Tiger can be spotted there.

Get ready for a wild time at the beautiful Kaziranga National Park as the government of Assam has decided to throw open the gates for tourists from October 1 this year, exactly a month before it normally opens for the year-ending season. Apart from the one-horned rhinos, the Kaziranga National Park is also famous worldwide for its population of elephants, tigers, buffaloes, spotted deer, hog deer, bear, a total of 42 species of reptiles, and plenty of winged species such as flying squirrels and bats.


The Kaziranga national park covers about 430 sq km and it is having three main ranges namely Kohora Range (Central), Bagori Range (Western) and Agaratoli Range (Eastern).

How to Reach

The best option is to reach Guwahati first.

From there the tourist can hire a cab or take a bus. (220 km)

The closest railway station is Guwahati while Tezpur has the closest airport.


Despite the fact that there are about 100 Tigers in Kaziranga, the sightings of this mysterious cat are not very common here. The park hosts two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceros. The park also hosts animals such as the Asian and African elephants, the wild water buffaloes and the swamp deer. The tiger, beer, monitor lizards, and python can also be seen here just roaming around casually.

The birds that can be sighted here includes some very rare species of vultures, eagles, and others along with some fascinating species such as serpent eagles, fishing eagles, Pelicans, Bengal floricans the black-necked stork and the jungle fowl.


  • The walks in the park are not allowed due to a large number of dangerous animals there such as the wild buffaloes and beer.
  • In order to move across the park, you may have to just take a guided jeep ride along with a guide.

Not to be missed

The elephant rides are also quite popular here as you get to sit on the back of an elephant and roam around the area while staring fearlessly at some of the most intricately evolved animal species.

The elephant ride takes place mostly in the mornings and follows a pre-set route. The trip starts at 5 or 6 in the morning and it will offer a close sighting of Rhinos, buffalo and also the swamped deers. The western and central ranges are two of the three total ranges in the park that somehow allows an elephant ride.


Best Time To Visit

However, due to some reasons, the Kaziranga national park remains closed most of the year. In case you want to have a trip to the place, plan it in the months between November and April.

The average stay duration at the Kaziranga National park is 3 nights and they are about enough to witness everything there is about the park.

One of the best national parks in the country is located in the northeast region of the country that refrains most of the countrymen to have a trip here.

Restaurants and Local Food in Kaziranga National Park

The best option for food here would be to dine at the resorts, lodges, and hotels that take care of all tourist needs amazingly. Other than these there are narrow options in terms of local food joints or Dhabas.

You can treat your taste buds to an assortment of local Assamese preparations which include Laksa, Khar, Tenga as well as some other fish delicacies and rice dishes.

Places to Stay in Kaziranga National Park

If you want to cruise along the destination for long, rooms here are usually booked and even overbooked during the peak holiday season – between November and May. So it’s best to go for advanced booking. The place offers some good resorts equipped with spas, bar, gift shop and other basics.

Luxury Hotels

IORA – The Retreat

While you make a weekend visit to the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, try to plan your stay at the IORA Resort which is a breeze of fresh air and lush greens. The double deluxe rooms with balconies and the well-manicured gardens are a delight to stay.

Resort Borgos

It is just a wonderful place to stay for visitors to unwind for a weekend. The rooms are airy and provide all the modern facilities. You will fall in love with nature around as it the place is surrounded by a lot of trees.

Budget hotels

United 21 Grassland Resorts
Nested in the wildlife reserve of Kaziranga, situated amidst a pleasant location, the hotel is an ideal place to stay. It’s a nice hotel in a sprawling area with spacious rooms and wide verandahs. It also features a swimming pool and a fitness center.

So when are getting your bookings done?

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