The underrated destinations in Asia: 5 travel ideas

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Planning to travel to Asia? Rest assured that there’s plenty more to see than just the typical destinations. Avoid the hotspots and choose somewhere more left-field – here are five potential destinations in Asia to consider that is particularly underrated.

 Krabi, Thailand

For a beach holiday unlike any other, Krabi is the ideal destination. It’s often skipped over by tourists and travelers, the secluded beach town out of the way of the country’s center. Railay Beach is arguably the highlight of the area, with an abundance of sights to discover, from the turquoise waters to the various caves and jutting limestone cliffs setting the scene.


And then there are the things to discover inland, too. The Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is a wondrous part of Krabi, complete with the Crystal Lagoon and an abundance of unique wildlife to be discovered. Or consider scaling the Khao Khanab Nam mountains for unparalleled views of the surrounding land.

 Kolkata, India

Although many travelers flock to the bustling, energetic Dubai when in India, consider the quieter and less-traveled yet equally as exciting Kolkata. This city is criminally underrated, a hub full of art, architecture, and culture to be discovered – it’s a very different side to India than many may expect

Awash with intellect and creativity, Caroline Eden references how Kolkata is known as “the most soulful city in India” – there’s even some world-renowned festivals here to experience, from book to film. The locals are friendly, the food delectable and the aura one of luxury and relaxation.

 Kyoto, Japan

When traveling in Japan, many tourists flock to Tokyo ­– understandably, what with the city being a hub for energy, technology and futuristic advancements that effectively put it miles ahead of anywhere else in the world, let alone Asia. But consider its lesser-visited little sister – Kyoto is just as, if not even more intriguing.


Steeped in history and culture, Kyoto has an abundance of things to discover – temples are frequented here, with the majestic Kiyomizu-Dera being perhaps the best of the bunch. Head to the city center to find cherry blossoms lining the wistful streets, with geisha commonly strolling through Kyoto in the evenings to add to the allure.

 Palawan, Philippines

 There’s no denying the Philippines are considerably underrated as a travel destination despite their prime location in Southeast Asia. Palawan is the highlight of the country; glistening waters, sandy beaches and an abundance of natural wonder are just some of the reasons why this archipelago should be atop your bucket list.


There are plenty of peculiar, unique features of Palawan to discover, too. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is just one of them, where you can sail into a cave and discover an underground river with an abundance of wildlife and rock formations that together create a whole new world.

 Okinawa, Japan

 Back to Japan, and there’s a part of the country that goes missed by many travelers – you’d be surprised to stumble upon it considering just how much of a secluded paradise it truly is. Okinawa consists of beautiful islands, turquoise waters and a warm climate year-round, making for a unique beach holiday.

The locals here are laidback and welcoming, ready to show you a good time – the port towns here in Okinawa are as energetic as they are relaxed, and you can pretty much get whatever you want out of them. If you’re an adventurous traveler, you’re in luck – from scuba diving to sailing, the fun is to be had on the water.

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