The Wonders that are Badami Caves

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India has always been the center of curiosity for the history enthusiasts as being called one of the most historical countries across the world comes with its perks. The Badami Caves located in Karnataka are among the best historical marvels in that part of the country. Bagalkot district houses them and it’s not very hard to reach. The train will take you to the Bagalkot district and the bus routes are easier from the capital city of Bangalore. The time between October and February is the best time to visit these caves.

The place is known as Badami nowadays where these caves are located. Out of the total four Badami caves, there are three Brahminical caves and one Jain cave. The three Brahminical caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu while the last one belongs to the Jain monks.

Cave 1

The oldest of all the four caves, this one was built in about 578 AD. Made of red sandstone, the cave is an exceptional showcase of the Indian architecture of those times. The tourists are left spell blinded as they see the intricate carvings and the paintings on the walls of the cave. The roof of the caves is laced with the paintings and the carvings of the Hindu lord Shiva and his wife Parvati.


Cave 2

The second cave dedicated to Lord Vishnu will give you a good glimpse of how he used to get worshiped in the country in different shapes and forms. In one of the many artistic wonders, lord Vishnu is seen covering the earth with one foot and the sky with another. The boar incarnation of the lord, known as Varaha is also there. But the painting that takes the cake is the one where the lord is seen riding Garuda.


Cave 3

This, for many reasons, is the best caves among all, the reason being it containing some great paintings of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This beautiful cave is about 70 feet wide and also contains some wall paintings and inscriptions about the way people lived back in those times. Many avatars of Shiva and Vishnu have been portrayed here making it a sure shot delight for the history and mythology enthusiasts.


Cave 4

The last one dedicated to the Jainism followers was created about 100 years after the first three caves were built. The main centers of attraction in the cave are a statue of Mahavira and Lord Parshavnath. The paintings and carvings also belong to Padmavati.


Other places to visit

During the visit to Badami, one can also visit the Agastya Lake which faces all the caves of Badami surrounded by the red sandstone temples. The place is also said to possess healing powers.

The religiously inclined can pay homage to four interconnected cave temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

At Badami, you can look out for rock climbing, cave exploring, and trekking. You can even enjoy picnic lunches with your family. The red sandstone cliff system is perfect for rock climbing as its surface is not very rough. Trek lovers hunting for trek adventure can also visit the Kalhatti falls for trekking and picnics with their family.

Badami caves are an important reminder of how rich our historical culture is, and always have been. While raking in more tourists that any other place in the state of Karnataka, these beautiful structures are masterpieces of architecture and human efforts.

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