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Goa is the holiday capital of India and Panjim is the capital of Goa. That introduction should be hint enough as it’s the enormity of attractions it has to offer.

Here is what #ghoomophiro thinks must do’s while in Panjim.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church

The first in our list of 12 amazing things to do in Panjim is a visit to the place that has become the face of the city – Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church. This church that is standing here for over 400 years has not lost in its beauty and still enchants anyone and every one with its architectural brilliance.

Maruti Temple

Maruti is another name of Lord Hanumana. This beautiful saffron-colored temple grows even more beautiful at dusk when it gets it lits up and shines like a pearl in the hills. The temple is located at top of a hill and it is a somewhat hike of steps to reach there.

Adil Shah Palace or Old Secretariat

Enough with religious places, next in our list of amazing thing stop do in Panjim is a visit to the only palace in the city – that once belonged to Adil Shah. The yellow and white building is now home to some of the best art exhibitions you will see in the country.

Cabo Raj Bhawan

Cabo Raj Bhawan’s brilliant architecture of this building situated at next to the Arabian Sea makes a visit to it fourth in our list of 12 amazing things to do in Panjim.

Residence of Goa’s governor is open to the public on the last three days of weekend – Friday to Sunday. But you must book online to be able to visit it, and the booking costs 300 INR per person and you must have a photo of with you.

The tour will let you see Aushadhi Vatika (literally a herbal garden); the helipad; the cannon point where the cannons still standing to look at the Arabian Sea willing to take on perils that might come from that way; Raj Bhawan museum, church where Dona Paula is buried, Grotta and, of course, the beach.

Mahalakshmi Temple

Okay, one more temple. But Mahalakshmi temple is the most popular temples in Panaji, we just couldn’t help but include it in our list of 12 amazing things to do in Panjim. It is popular with the unique Deepstambh in brickwork here.

Goa State Museum

Next in our list of 12 amazing things to do in Panjim is Goa State Museum.  There are some amazing artifacts here – including a wooden Raath (chariot); the ancient Hindu stones that honor the brave who sacrifices there loves posthumously, etc

Sunset at Dona Paula

Next in our list of amazing things to do in Panjim is watching the sunset at Dona Paula. A perfect vantage point where all you see is sea, sky, and sun, it is a perfect place to enjoy your sunset in Dona Paula. You must arrive half an hour before the time of sunset. The sunset at Dona Paula is best enjoyed during months after the monsoon (October and November) when the sunsets are even more particularly beautiful.

Miramar Beach

Included as next item in our list of amazing things to do in Panjim is a visit to Miramar Beach. Popular for its stunning sunsets, it offers you a chance to take a boat ride deeper into the sea. And there are dinner cruises available.

Fontainhas Heritage Walk

The Fontainhas is perhaps the oldest part of Panjim and is sometimes also called the Latin Quarters. It is known for its Latin architecture and colorful houses and steep staircases that connect it to the hill above making a cultural visit here one of 12 amazing things to do in Goa

Mandovi pleasures

Mandovi river and nearby areas offer a number of experiences which together form the next item in our list . To begin with it is just an amazing place for those who enjoy walking. Walk along the shores of Mandovi river and let your eyes feast on the beautiful sights it has to offer including tranquil peace of watching the sunset (particularly at Darya sangham).

You can also hire a private boat to explore the backwaters of the Mandovi river. Organized cruises mostly start in the evenings. Who knows you might even see dolphins!

You will also have a chance to go bird watching in the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary nearby which is home to a number of exotic birds. All these pleasures together form an item we couldn’t help but include in our list of 12 amazing things to do in Panjim.

When to visit?

Panjim celebrates a number of festivals, the following ones are especially recommended at times to be in Panjim:

New Year – the fireworks at beaches are not an awesome sight to start your new year with; especially those at Miramar Beach.

Lokotsav – a folk festival when a number of artists from all over India perform at Kala academy for a duration of 10 days or so at Kala academy. The street food from all over the country also finds its ways into the city.

Viva Goa Carnival – full of joys that best carnivals can offer whether it be colorful decorations, music, dancing food and drinks, it is celebrated in the month of February.

Shigmo  – on the 18th of June every year, the streets are filled with tradional music.

Sao Joao – The onset of monsoons is celebrated by jumping into wells and well, these days into swimming pools.

Narkasur Chaturdashi – Goan version of Diwali involves children creating a demon names Narkasur which is burnt on the day of the festival.

IFFI – International Film Festival of India held in November every year turns places like Kala Academy, ESG and INOX theatres are full of cinema lovers.

GALF – Goa Arts and Literary Festival held in December every year bring literature and art lovers to ICG (International Center Goa) for 4 days in which talks, panel discussions, workshops, networking, etc are held.


Ganesh Chaturthi

What to buy?

Panjim is center to Goa’s and, often, national and international culture so there is no dearth of souvenirs you can buy in Panjim. Some of the places you can buy you from – Mario Miranda Gallery near Panaji Church, Wendell Rodricks Boutique in Campal, 18th June Road, etc.

What to eat?

The  Zantye is where you can buy cashew and Kokum Sherbet. We recommend trying local fusion food at Black Sheep Bistro and Fish Curry at Ritz Classic. If you are into bars or cafes, Panjim has them almost everywhere.

Hotels in Panaji

Panjim has a number of both high-end, mid-range and budget hotels. The high-end hotels (Cicaade De Goa, Marriott Resort and Spa, Grand Hyatt, etc) are often next to sea beaches and offer stunning views making the price worth it. Among budget hotels, we recommend Hotel Mandovi which offers a charming view of the river.


Panjim is Goa in miniature, it will take you several days to take all it has to offer. We hope this article helps you in finding the best of pleasures it has to offer. J

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