Tidung Island

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Tidung Island is an island in Indonesia that is located close to the capital city Jakarta. The Tidung Island is classified as Big Tidung and smaller Tidung and since the small island is mainly just covered with Mangrove forests, the bigger island is a place of tourist attraction.

The best part about this island is that it is mainly undiscovered and a less talked about place among tourists which makes it less crowded and relatively cheap! What else could you ask for? It is a large island with a single road in the middle. White sand beaches and clear blue water for as far as eyes can see. The island is basically a breeding ground for mangroves and the seeds are planted once a year.

How to reach:

From a port in North Jakarta (Muara Angke), you can either reach Tidung by a slow wooden boat or ferry or speed boating. The ferry would take 3 hours to reach while the speed boat would take you there in one and a half hours. The ferry timing is 7 am sharp and since it only leave once a day, make sure you are on it.


The island is not commercially developed and is maintained locally by the people who live there. The lodgings are available on the big island of Tidung Besar as the smaller island is uninhabited. The people of the island have decorated their homes and fitted air conditioners so it is quite comfortable. It is a community-based island so instead of expensive hotels and resorts, you get to stay with the locals in their homes. Don’t worry they are quite charming and nice!

Tidung Waters are shallow and there are coral reefs, tropical fish and exotic sea creatures in it. The underwater world is one marvelous part of the island and if that does not tempt you to visit here, I do not know what will. It is the perfect place for marine tourism and diving for beginners. People interested in studying coral reefs may also visit.

There are also tree houses near the beach where you can sit back and enjoy the delightful blue waves. Also, it is one of the most pocket-friendly places to visit. A trip to Tidung will fit right into your budget and it is a better and cheaper option than the other crowded or expensive islands. This is a place of peace and quiet where you can hide from the noisy city and just live in the moment.

The most popular thing about the island is the bridge connecting Small Tidung and Tidung Large. It is a long bridge and locally known as ‘Bridge of Love’. At the beginning point of the bridge, locals often demonstrate diving into the beautiful blue water, entertaining the tourists and filling them with a desire to jump into those waters themselves. The end of the bridge lies at the small Tidung island where you may cycle along the paths, or relax at empty white sand beaches, soaking in the sun and filling your sight with beautiful scenery. The bridge itself offers picturesque views but crossing this bridge needs a strong courageous heart and is no child’s game.

Tidung Island also offers water sports facilities and many water games for the thrill-seekers and people with an adventurous spirit.  These water game facilities are available at the western part of Large Tidung.  Visit Tidung for a family getaway and you will have so much fun that you will not want to go back home. It has all the necessary fragments of paradise, so don’t miss out!

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