Tips: As you Pack your Footwears for Upcoming Travel

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Footwear is the most important part of travel packing checklist. It makes all the more sense to look for basic things while choosing your foot-wears especially when you are on a backpacking trip, as you would like to not only ensure comfort but also it should be trending. Based on our solo backpacking travel experience, #ghoomophophirosisters came out with few tips that one should keep in mind while doing footwear shopping.
Footwears should be trendy enough that can go well with an evening dinner or for a morning walk or to your hiking trails. We still recall our early travel days, when we used to keep a different pair of shoes for different occasions, but over a period our travel checklist evolved and we started packing shoes that can go well with our clothing, are trendy, comfortable and carry off fashion and utility hand in hand. These footwears could be of any material from leather to nylon, but should look nice on our feet.
There are airports, which would ask you to remove them for security check-in. While traveling, it is really required that your shoes should be X-ray friendly and should not have metal, because, at times, such shoes waste a lot of your time while clearing security. Sports shoes, loafers, open sandals are good examples of airport friendly shoes.


Quality of Sole
Having a great quality of sole that can survive your rough hiking terrain and your long travel walks is an important aspect of travel foot wears. All good reasons, one would not like to go through the pain of wear and tear of your foot wears at least.

While you on travel, make sure, the footwears should have a breathable membrane to avoid bad odor. Open shoes, flip flops, does help here, but in case you are going for shoes, prefer high-quality membrane shoes.

Cushioning & Lightweight 
Since travel involves loads of walking, it is absolutely a great idea to wear light weight and comfortable footwears. One should ensure that their shoes have good cushioning that can prevent the feet from blisters. Lightweight foot-wears not only helps in keeping the feet happy but also keep your baggage light, which in turn is a boon while you have to take up a flight.



In case you are traveling during monsoon, or on a hiking trip, It is advisable to have waterproof shoes. This not only help you to go with only one pair of shoes but also, improves the durability of your shoes. There are water- proof sprays available, which can be used as an alternate option.

We hope that next time whenever you traveling, you know what to keep and what to avoid. You may ask questions like how frequently a particular pair can be used, or can this be replaced by some other pair. As a traveler, you would like to weigh your options carefully.
Personally, we prefer Nike shoes or Woodland Shoes to sandals on our travels, though this may change depending on travel destinations, and activities planned in itinerary but our backpack usually has a pair of fashionable, technical trendy footwears.

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