Tips to avoid Vertigo while travelling

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Whether it is a serious medical condition or general dizziness caused by traveling, it need not keep you from enjoying your trip. Still, it is better to be prepared and with a few tips and words of precaution, you can travel carefree without worrying too much about vertigo.

(a)    Keep yourself hydrated by drinking liquids such as water and juice. Do not drink heavier liquids or something extremely sweet. Alcoholic beverages are also a BIG NO.

(b)    Eat solid food such as nuts but no fatty or oily food. Eating easily digestible food before the trip is a good idea as well.

(c)    Keep your eyes on the horizon and not on moving objects because that can cause Vertigo.


Consult your doctor before going on the trip and ask if you need a change in medication for your travel plans. Keep your medication as well as prescription or a letter from the doctor with you at all times. This will help you get through customs as well as get the right treatment in the worst situation in the place where you travel to. Take your pills half an hour before traveling. Also, take enough medicine to last you for the span of the trip.


Get yourself insurance with a good Health insurance and Travel insurance plan preferably one with Vertigo in the plans. It is important if you have a medical condition and can be a great help in assuring that you will get the necessary medical help if needed. There are many policies in the market so you should do your research before picking a policy hastily. Moreover, keep your travel insurance policy papers with you during traveling. You will need to keep them handy in case of emergencies.

VertiGo Exercise app:

There is an app available on Play store that helps you keep a handle on vertigo through both visual and audio guides. It tells you about the correct postures in situations which manage your body equilibrium and thus prevents vertigo symptoms. While I can be really helpful during travel, you can also use it daily to manage your vertigo.

Pack essentials:

Apart from your medications, prescriptions, travel insurance and all the above-mentioned stuff, you need to pack some essentials that will keep the symptoms of vertigo at bay. A pair of dark sunglasses (to avoid sun’s glare) and appropriate shoes are a must. Avoid wearing heels and opt for comfortable flats. The shoes should have non-slippery soles and something that keeps you steady. And just to be safe, carry a foldable walking stick even if you do not generally use one. Bring earmuffs with you during traveling as well. Being extra careful during traveling is necessary to avoid mishaps.  Also, traveling with friends, or family or just another companion is a good idea.

What to do and not do:

Normal traveling and sight-seeing are all fun and good. But do not attempt something extreme like tough hikes or mountain climbing and deep sea diving. Instead go to museums, visit the popular attractions of the place and try delicious cuisines. The change in the altitude caused by adventure sports such as scuba diving etc can cause vertigo. Avoid triggers that can cause a dizzy spell and check the medical facilities at the place you are traveling to.

Get a room on ground floor of the hotel and mention that while booking. Make sure there is nothing in your way to make you trip in the room. If there is, get it removed.

These are some simple ways to take care of your Vertigo while traveling and this condition shouldn’t stop you from taking a trip to your dream destination. As long as you are careful, you can enjoy completely and have a great vacation with no worries.

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