Tips to plan a Skandagiri Trek

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If you are looking to view some beautiful sunrise, then night trek at Skandgiri should definitely on your list. If you are planning a Skandagiri Trek then here we are with answers to most of your questions.

How to reach Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri is an easy to approach place via all three means of transportation, namely, air, rail, and road. If you are planning to reach the place from some far off place then you can go in for taking the airways or the railway depending on your ease. In both the cases, the cleanest airport, as well as the nearest railway station to the hills of Skandagiri, lies in Bangalore. Once you have reached the city of Bangalore via flight or train, you next have to take up the roadways in order to cover the remaining distance. The distance between Skandagiri Hills and Bangalore is nearly 62 Kms.  You ought to know in advance that the Skandagiri trekking distance is 10 km. if you are planning to climb the hill and at the same time you walk at a normal high pace then it will take you around 5 hours at the maximum to climb the entire trek. Ideally, it takes nearly 2 hours to get to the peak but the time is directly proportional to your speed as well. Having reached the peak, you can then relax for some time in the picturesque laps of nature enjoying the most stunning view of the Nandi hills that are there in the surrounding. Descending the peak takes you around 1 and a half hours.

When to go on Skandagiri Trek

All the months except the rainy season are good for planning a trek to this beautiful place. However, to get the best out of scenic views winters as well as monsoons are considered ideal to plan for the trek. In winters you have access to the clear sky which means stargazing without any interruption from the clouds. While in monsoons, the flora and fauna lead you the fresh zeal to trek. In summers also, trek to Skandagiri can be planned but it’s up to you if you can beat the scorching sun or not. So, be careful at choosing the time of the trek.

What to do on Skandagiri Trek

There are not as many places of attractions as you would like this place to have. However, the few that the place offers are worth all your time. Other than enjoying the stargazing at night and scenic views in the daylight, there are other options also to explore. You can explore the Vivekananda Falls in the stunning Kethenahalli village which is at a distance of 12 km from Chikkaballapur village. Ranganatha Swamy Temple is also a must-visit. Nandi Hills offers you attractions like Tipu’s Drop and Tipu’s Summer Residence. Mountain biking in Nandi Hills is another option followed by paragliding. Amrita Sarovar and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, as well as Brahmashram Cave, are other things that you can enjoy.

What to eat at during Skandagiri Trek

Eating should not be a major issue on your way to the trek. There are plenty of shacks as well as tea stalls on your way along the trek. These are well supplied with snacks, tea, cookies and cold drinks in addition to much obvious water. if you intend to have a proper lunch then you can settle down at any of the limited restaurants in Chikkaballapura for few minutes. To name a few, Kamat Upachar Restaurant, Hotel Babuji, Chandru Hotel, and Swathi Restaurant are some of the options that you can explore.

To wrap up, these are the most reasonable answers to all your questions pertaining to the Skandagiri Trek that you must have had in mind. Other than these, if there is something more that you need to know about then you are free to drop us your question in the comment section below and we will revert at the quickest.

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