Top 5 things to do in Dehradun   

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A classic and iconic holiday destination in Uttarakhand, the cozy and scenic hill town of Dehradun boasts breathtaking beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas. Sitting at an altitude of 1400 feet, the town offers panoramic views, 365-days of perfect alpine weather, and natural wonders.

Traveling to Dehradun

The city of Dehradun is well-connected to major towns and cities in northern India by railways, airways, and roads. But the best experience comes from a road trip. Even the journey to Dehradun is equally fascinating, with roads passing through quaint villages and towns surrounded by forests and hilly areas along the way. The nearest metro city is Delhi, at 283 KM and takes about six hours to reach. You can easily book a top-rated and licensed Delhi to Dehradun cab for your one-way or round trip travel. Alternatively, you can also book tour packages which will cover your travel and local sightseeing tours. If you are traveling exclusively for treks, you should sign up with local adventure groups and the get the best deals on tours.

The best of Dehradun

Whether you are visiting Dehradun for the first time or returning to rediscover its beauty, here are a few things you would not want to miss.

Explore the Robber’s Cave

At about 8KM from the main town, near the Dehradun Clocktower, you will find this naturally-formed caves enveloped by mountains and streams. Locally called Gucchupani, It is technically an enclave of crags and hills with a mountain stream running through. The 600-meter-long passage has two parts. A locally popular picnic spot, Robber’s Cave and its surroundings is a great place to walk around and explore the wilderness. You can trek for a few kilometers and reach the surreal spot, where a mountain stream flows into an underpass and disappears, only to reappear a few yards ahead. Or you can explore the ruined fort, which sits centrally in the cave.

If you walk further into the forests nearby, you will reach the Malsi Deer Park. A reserve forest, it is a habitat of spotted deer and antelopes, which you might be able to spot in the warmer months.

Seek serenity at the Mindrolling Monastery

At about 7KM from Dehradun town, you will find the largest Buddhist vihara (learning center) of India. The Mindrolling Monastery is home to a huge school of monks, preachers, and Buddhist masters, who conduct religious discourses, ceremonies, and training. The monastery is also known for its impeccable architecture, designed in Zen style. The interiors portray wall paintings, narrating stories of Buddha and his journeys. Surrounded by greenery and mountain views, the monastery is the most tranquil corner of Dehradun and offers the perfect place for peaceful introspection.

Take a jungle safari

The forests of Dehradun is home to a huge population of wildlife and lets you enjoy a tryst with the wild side of nature. You can opt for a stay at places like the Tiger View Jungle Camp, known for wildlife spotting and camping. It is located about 10 KM from the town, in a secluded village called Goolar Kalla. The camp organizes jungle safaris, wherein you can spot tigers, leopards, Himalayan bears, among other endangered species. You can also go for birding tours in the late winter months when migratory birds flock from colder northern locales.

Get some thrill with trekking

Dehradun serves as the base for several exciting treks around the Garhwal Himalayas. Ranging from easy to highly difficult, these trek routes pass through various terrains, offering endless views of snowy mountains, grassy meadows, blooming valleys, alpine pastures, and sleepy villages in between. Har Ki Dun, Roopkund, Valley of flowers, Nag Tibba, Chakrata, Dhanaulti, Rishikesh, etc. are some of the most popular treks conducted from Dehradun. The best time to explore these trek routes is between June and December. For more adventure and professional level expeditions, sign up for treks through the Bali Pass, which connects Har Ki Dun Valley and Yamunotri Glacier, or the snow trek to the Kuari Pass, which happens only in the peak winters.

Spend a day in Mussoorie

A trip to Dehradun is incomplete without paying a visit to its sister-town Mussoorie. Sitting at a stone-throw distance from Dehradun, the quieter settlement of Mussoorie makes you travel back in time and makes for a great day trip. You can book a reliable and comfortable Dehradun cab service and easily reach Mussoorie is less than an hour. The mansion of Sir George Everest, Kempty and Bhatta Falls, Christ Church, and Mussoorie Lake are some of the iconic sites you cannot miss in the town. Don’t forget to stop by the 100-year old bakery in Landour.

With traces of a long-lost colonial vibe, exotic flora and fauna, and endless opportunities for the adventurous soul, the capital city of Uttarakhand will make you want to lose yourself in its dreamy atmosphere and never wake up.

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