Trip to Varanasi – Witness the Celestial Magnificence of Events on Dev Deepawali in 2021!

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Are you scouting for the best place on your north India trip this year? If you have scheduled a travel plan around Dev Deepavali, a trip to Varanasi can leave you awestruck with the grandeur of lights and a majestic vibe that stays forever!

Celebration of Dev Deepavali on Your Trip to Varanasi This Year

Festivals in Uttar Pradesh have their fragrance and a charismatic vibe that is simply blissful. Do not mistake it with the Deepavali celebration. Also known as Dev Diwali, this festival occurs on the auspicious night of ‘Kartik Poornima’ (Full Moon) in November month each year. Travelers visit to witness the eye-pleasing plight of Varanasi Ghats, where thousands of Diyas (Earthen Lamps) decorate the complete surroundings. If you are planning on dev Deepavali to Varanasi, get ready to unfold the splendid series of events that mark the celebration of Dev Deepavali.

It marks the waking up of Dev (Lords), after which the pomp of weeding celebrations gear up in full swing. A trip to Varanasi on this auspicious day can leave you with some unforgettable memories, followed by the events near the Holy River, Ganga. After the Diwali festival celebration on ‘Amavasya’ (No Moon) night, the Dev Deepavali festivities lit up the surroundings fifteen days later. On this auspicious occasion, the native lit diyas and pay a holy tribute to the River Ganga. The celebration of this festival here is mesmerizing and falls somewhere in November month each year.

Myths About Dev Deepavali

It is amongst the most popular festivals in Uttar Pradesh, and there are numerous mythological tales synced to it. On this holy day, the Hindu Gods descend to Earth to applaud and celebrate the Victory of Lord Shiva over the demon Tripurasur. It is also marked as the end of ‘Ganga Mahotsav’ that starts on ‘Prabodhini Ekadashi’ or (11th day of the Kartik month) every year. Dev Deepavali is celebrated in full grandeur all across the country.

On this day, the Indians do ‘DeepDaan,’ and it’s a religious act of paying tribute through diyas. Apart from this, devotees in massive number from all over the world make a trip to Varanasi for taking a dip in the Holy Ganga. They come over to purify their souls to get rid of all the sins. Apart from diyas, your eyes can witness the appeasing sight of devotees offering light clay lamp, flowers, and earthen lamps in the evening time.

On your North India trip, visit Varanasi during Deep Deepavali is a sheer paradise that enchants your soul with the divinity of diyas all around. At every staircase of the ghat, you can get stunned with the millions of diyas and lamps. It is indeed a captivating sight for the visitors coming here.

Varanasi- A Heaven to the Spiritual Seekers

Do you really wish to see paradise on earth? Does your mind need an inner peace and relaxation? Stay in Varanasi during Dev Deepavali includes a lot of activities and religious acts performed by people. Travelers and lovers of Indian tradition worldwide visit here and plan a couple of days’ stay to get the complete festive gist here. You can also find people meditating across the holy banks of the Ganga River. There are also many temples to visit here on this auspicious day and capture the unlimited glimpse of diyas all over.

Events to Attend on Trip to Varanasi During Dev Deepawali

It is an elaboration to the grandeur of Diwali that keeps the festive vibes intact and instead marks a new series of events altogether after the Diwali celebrations. The festival begins by offering flowers and prayers to Lord Ganesh, and hundreds of saints perform Ganesh Vandana. Along the Ghats of Ganga, you can please your soul with the magical scene that stays in memory forever.

21 brahmins and 41 small girls chant spiritual and Vedic mantras in the background to celebrate the festival. Devotees coming here also perform ‘Kartik Snan’ at this festival, and there is ‘Akhand Ramayan’ performed in many houses along with Brahman Bhoj (Feast) to the people.

Tribute to Maryrs

Along with religious rituals and activities on your trip to Varanasi, Dev Deepavali also makes you acquainted with the tribute given to martyrs during the Ganga Aarti. It is done by performing prayers to the Ganga Mata by the Ganga Seva Nidhi.

This organization places Diya at the Amar Jawan Jyoti on the Dashashwamedh Ghat and the Rajendra Prasad Ghat. Honorable officers of all three armed forces and the police officials perform this maha AArti together. You can hear the sounds of goosebumps giving patriotic songs along with ‘Divya Aarti.’

Ghats Lit Up With Diyas

Dev Deepawali is amongst the famous festival in Uttar Pradesh that beholds the natural feel of Varanasi in it. Every ghat or temple and even house in this city is lit up with the earthen ghee diyas all around. It’s a belief that gods take a holy dip in Ganga on this day and the miraculous splendor of the place makes you believe in it for sure. Enjoying the elaborate aarti here has some magic that they only cannot understand until they witness it for real.

Every traveler can get taken aback by the exquisite beauty of the ghats in Banaras. Whether it’s Reeva Ghat, Kedar Ghat, Panch Ganga Ghat, or the Man Mandir Ghat, there is magic and panorama of Dev Deepavali celebration everywhere.

Music, Dance and Theatre Acts

The North India Trip to Varanasi on Dev Deepavali continues with the traditional musical acts and dance performances by veteran artists. Maestros such as Ali Khan, Birju Maharaj, Ustad Amjad, and Pandit Chhanulal Mishra have embraced the spectacular occasion with thoughtful performances and divine acts. Every year the place takes a bath in the fantastic aura of festivities on this occasion of Dev Deepavali, and the celebration goes from dusk to dawn.

Relish the Delicacies of Varanasi

After a mind soothing aarti and performances on this auspicious occasion, it’s time to savor the local flavors of Banaras. Travelers visit the mini-fair that offers tasteful delicacies such as Bati Chokha, Banarasi Chaat, Mughlai, and a wide variety of continental treats. With so many mouth-watering delicacies followed by fresh sweets, one has to stretch their appetite to enjoy all the meals here.

Evening Boat Rides and Sight of Migratory Birds

While soothing your mind around the banks of River Ganga, you can spot hundreds of migratory birds who seem like crossing miles to touch the feet of the sacred Ganga river. It is blissful to hear chirps of vibrant birds from all over. After a day’s travel on your trip to Varanasi, the evening boat ride can be a natural therapy that can calm down your minds and hearts.  Sights of Varanasi Ghats adorned with earthen Diya bring a holy nostalgia that struck in minds forever.

Wrapping Up

So, now, if your mind is all set to enjoy the Dev Deepavali on your next trip to Varanasi, it is ideal for making your bookings well in advance. Due to the holiday season, the place might be packed, and making pre-bookings could give you a better experience on the upcoming trip. Even solo travelers can get a large number of moments on their journey here. Pep up to visit the 84 ghats of Varanasi decked up in celestial lights on the occasion of Dev Diwali.

Varanasi city is hugging the meandering Riven Ganga, and Dev Deepawali is the right time to explore its every inch. Just head over a boat and join the fleet of devotees immersed in the divinity of holy chants and prayers all around. It is an experience and a feeling that you can never off from your heart until the last breath. So, what’s stopping you from taking the real tour to the festivals in Uttar Pradesh?


Q. What is the Reason for Celebration of Dev Deepavali in Varanasi?

A. Diwali of Gods or the ‘Dev Deepavali’ is celebrated on a massive scale along the ghats of the Ganga river. It’s a belief that gods descend towards Earth for a holy bathe on this auspicious day.

Q. Which is the first ghat where Gods descend for a holy bath?

A. It’s a belief that on Kartik Purnima, gods descended to the ghats of Kashi for taking the first-ever holy bath, and it marks the beginning of dev Deepavali.

Q. Which are the Most Celebrated festivals in Uttar Pradesh?

A. After the celebration of Holi and Diwali, the grandeur of dev Deepavali is indeed worth taking a tour in your trip to Varanasi. It is a celebration of positivity on Earth, and you can get its real vibes with a personal visit here.

Q. When Does Dev Deepawali Occur?

A. Dev Deepavali is celebrated 15 days after the Diwali festival and marks the beginning of the wedding season in India. This is a wonderful festival to cherish the festivities of India at their best.

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