What does it mean to travel visa free to Brazil for Indians?

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Brazil recently waived off visa requirements for tourists from Japan, Australia as well as the US in June this year. And now in the month of October, a few days back, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he wished to allow greater contact with India and China and that is why Brazil was ending visa requirements for the citizens of both the countries.

The citizens of these countries, including India will be able to enter Brazil for a period of 90 days without a visa and stay is extendable for another 90 days. The procedure is not vice versa as Brazilians still require a visa to enter China.

For visiting India however, Brazilian nationals can avail eVisa for visiting in five categories such as Medical Visa, Medical attendant, Business visa, tourist visa, and conference visa.

The visa-free entry to Brazil is all set to lead to a 25 percent increase in Brazil tourism with tourists from India and China increasing their visits to Brazil compared to the year 2018.

What does visa-free travel to Brazil mean for Indians?

The visa fees for Brazil before this decision was taken used to be Rs. 6400 per person. A tourist had to apply for a visa one month beforehand and then go through complex procedures of fulfilling the Visa criteria, filling up the forms and attaching all relevant documents before getting a Visa for 90 days. But now, Indians need only their passport to travel to Brazil visa-free making the travel a lot less complicated and cheaper.

What places to see in Brazil?

Brazilian Beaches: Brazil has over 2000 beautiful beaches and over a thousand islands that one can spend their time at.

Natural Wonders: Brazil is mainly known for its Amazon Rainforest and Iguacu Falls. The country also has many National Parks and conservation areas. 

Celebrations: Cities in Brazil like Rio, Salvador and Olinda have wonderful celebrations and a carnival which is a treat for the tourists. Many tourists visit Brazil during the Brazilian New Year i.e. Reveillon.

Try out the Brazilian cuisine: Brazilian Fish Stew and Barbecue has gained international fame through top-notch restaurants in the world. Brazilian food is much more than just the Barbecue though and the country’s native ingredients have inspired many chefs giving birth to an entire culinary chain of Brazilian food. You can try out local cuisines in the shape of street food or visit authentic restaurants.

Explore Rio for an entire day: Rio de Janeiro is one of the major tourist hubs of Brazil and one day is not enough to explore the cities ins and outs but you must spend a day in Rio to see the popular spots like “Christ the Redeemer” statue, the Sugarloaf mountain, Selaron steps and don’t forget to get a good guide to explain the history of these landmarks to you. You can also cruise around Guanabara Bay during the sunset for an unforgettable spectacle. You will get a chance to glide by the Museum of Contemporary Art along the cruise.

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