Why Jet Airways is our favourite?

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Based in the financial capital of India, Mumbai, Jet airways happens to be the second largest airline company in India. It’s one of the busiest as well as its flights roam nonstop around the country in about 45 destinations and on the foreign shores, it has 20 destinations under its belt in 19 different nations. The popularity of Jet Airways has always been high among the Indians since its arrival on the airports and there are ample reasons for that.


One reason being the first class services that it provides for the business class. Space is sufficient enough to give you a feeling of being in the bedroom of a five-star hotel. Flying at a height of 40,000 feet above the land isn’t easy but Jet Airways make it quite dreamy and an amazing experience to have. And about the cuisines, the five-course meals are no rarity in the international flights but it is on another level on the Jet Airways. World’s finest cooks are there to satisfy your taste buds and the most expensive of beverages are here. Other than that, there is the signature Jet Airways cocktail that is quite wonderful and of the best taste, you have ever experienced.

The personal 23-inch screen and a headphone are provided along with a number of DVDs of the best movies from all over the world to keep you entertained through the long and tiring flights. Overall, the experience is what one would call the best one ever.


If the first class services didn’t make you fall in love with it, the Premiere class facilities may do the trick. First, the seats, the unique arrangement of the seats make it easy for you to stretch your legs and the long flights don’t seem tiring anymore. The laptop socket at every seat will let you keep your laptop on to keep you entertained. The ‘Dine Anytime’ features provided exclusively by the Jet airways will let you have your favorite snack or meal almost anytime. The entertainment quotient is amazing as well as you will be given a choice to choose among countless Hollywood and Bollywood film DVDs to select from and view them on a 15.4-inch screen.


The Economy class may very well be the basic of all. But comparing it with others, it is way more comfortable for the tourists. The seats shift themselves into ergonomic positions automatically as you stretch them and the comfort that is provided is magnificent. The culinary pleasures are top notch as well. With the menu card consisting of dozens of Indian and international food items, the flight isn’t going to let you be hungry. The Hammock headrests are the definition of comfort and help you as you try to doze off during the longer travels.


For all the classes of the population, Jet Airways have something special for each of them. No wonder they have steered their way to become the second largest airlines in the country. We chose Jet Airways because they are the best. If the above-mentioned services and features didn’t convince you on that, we don’t know what will.

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  • Jet airways is the best at the cost. I have travelled a many times with jet airways domestic flights and I liked it very much.

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