Wine Lover’s heaven- Sula vineyards

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If you are one of those people who are hopelessly in love with wines, there is very less chance that you haven’t heard of Sula wine yards. Well, it’s okay for those who didn’t! Sula wine yard is located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra near the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. The land is magnetic with the grape wines spread across the massive fields, the churning sound coming straight out of the wine factory, and it’s calming to the senses. A 4-hour drive from Chembur would bring you here as you gear up to explore the most famous wine yard in the country.


The day would easily be spent tasting different wines, getting to know about how to make it and there is a restaurant that serves some delicious cuisines. Nearby the main building there is a restaurant that goes by the name Little Italy which serves some great Italian food to the visitors which goes perfectly well with the freshly brewed wine. However, in case you aren’t interested in the wines at all, there are ample of things for you to do here as well. For one, you can visit the sights around the place, its Nasik at its beautiful best. The wine yard also happens to have an amphitheater and an open garden which offers a great opportunity to spend some quality time at a picnic with your loved ones.

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Sula wine yards are a large establishment that covers a total area of 30 acres. The grape fields are here in abundance and greet you as you first enter the place. In between the fields is the road to walk upon which leads you directly to the factory where the wine gets manufactured. The beautiful aroma in the climate gives you a soothing feeling and you feel all relaxed after the tiring journey on your way here.

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You have to buy the tickets in order to be able to see the actual working space of the wine makers. There is also a rooftop restaurant right there where you can eat something and relax before starting the trip. The cheese sandwich along with their very famous barrelled red wine was a great experience and you should have one before you go further. The wooden flavor coming from the wine makes you wonder if you could ever get the freshness and taste in the bottled wines that we all have become accustomed to.


You can also visit the wine tasting hall where you could meet the fellow wine enthusiasts and share your experiences with all the different wines that you have tasted over the years. The charge for wine tasting is 150 rupees per person. The souvenir shop nearby will let you buy all the different wines that are manufactured there. There will be a guide who will accompany you and tell you how the company got started and all.

For the wine lovers and nondrinkers alike, the place is wonderful to spend 24 hours at. Don’t forget to make a stop here for your next trip to Maharashtra.

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