You will love visiting this one corner of the SDA market!! Its appropriately called the Nukkad Cafe

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In the Hauz Khas Village, is an entire world in itself full of youngsters who like to party and live life to the fullest. And to serve them, there are dozens of fantastic bars and restaurants opened up that serve some great food and drinks. One such bar cum cafe is Nukkad.


Nukkad means a corner and the cafe is located in a Nukkad of the SDA market. Hence it is named very aptly.



With lanterns hanging from trees, small shed and a swing giving the look of an urban village, the ambiance gives a beautiful feel. The name of the Cafe maybe Indian, but the ambiance inside as you walks in takes you straight to a high-end European restaurant. The lights lurking down from the ceiling fill the insides with a great visual experience and to top that, there is the just perfect alignment of chairs and tables colored light brown. The authentic smell and slow music playing in the background makes the vibe all the while romantic. The heavy crowd of youngsters can be seen enjoying the time of their lives here. All in all, the overall vibe in Nukkad is quite cheerful.




Now let’s come to the most important thing, the food. It would be an understatement to say that the food which gets served here is good. It’s better than most of the other places in the area. Although, the menu isn’t quite varied and the Indian essence is quite attached to it, despite the lush French looks of the insides. The menu deals mostly in Chinese and North Indian food and the cafe serves hot and delicious beverages. The coffee here is magnificent. We ordered a latte with extra cream and less sugar, and we must say that we weren’t disappointed.


For the starters, we had tomato soup and the hot and sour corn soup which was okayish, nothing out of the extraordinary. Caprese pasta salad also made its way into our plates and we must say, it was a pretty good start for us. And then we ordered our main course for the evening, Chilli Paneer and Vada pao. It was excellent in taste but somehow a bit more expensive than usual. We have had the same quality food at much fewer prices.

Then we ordered a margarita pizza, and it was good somehow, so was the shahi paneer and butter roti, the essence of every North Indian meal.

We had Virgin Mary for the mocktails; it was soothing and relaxing to some degree and surely deserves full marks. All in all, if the prices weren’t too high, we would have been extremely satisfied, but still, it was good enough for us.


The average per plate cost for two people in the Nukkad bar and cafe is about 1200 INR.


If you are looking for that one element that would drag you in Nukkad, that would be the interiors which have been designed rather deliciously.

The Verdict

Nukkad is a great cafe for the love birds and friend groups. You’ll enjoy every bit of your time spent.

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