Pets travel by leisure- ‘all pet’ jet to airlift pets via Delhi to Mumbai

Posted on June 6, 2020 by

Pet travel

You might have heard about people getting stuck in adverse locations due to Lockdown barriers. Many travel restrictions are levied after the COVID-19 pandemic. But have anyone given a thought to pets stuck without owners? 

Kind-hearted initiative!

For a pet owner who has been away from their cute little lovable, this news comes as a sigh of relief. A private jet is hired to airlift cute little pets to their respective owners. A recent news website stated that Deepika Singh, a cybersecurity researcher, and entrepreneur came up with this kind-hearted initiative. She stretched a helping hand to owners who were trying to get back their stranded pets for a long time. 

25 years old researcher said that the thought got over her mind when she was trying to arrange a flight for some relatives to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. But the problem was many people are not comfortable in traveling with pets. So this unique idea struck her rights away. Getting an “all pet” jet for pets like dogs, birds and other species can enable them to reach their homes safely. Pet owners were also distressed with the fear of whether they would meet up the pets or not!

How will pets travel?

Usually, cargo shipments are preferred for such type of pet movement from one place to another. This is a good symbol of humanity from her end to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for the little buddies. A six-seater private aircraft was chartered for pets. As per the figures from sources, the average costing of a single-seat came around INR 1.6 lakh and the cost of the entire aircraft was about INR 9.06 lakh. 

She got into touch with the private company and they assured her of providing the service to carry pets through a plane. As per the latest brief given by her, four people from Mumbai have agreed on getting the pets from Delhi to Mumbai at such high prices. Passengers who till now will be the part of this journey include One Golden Retriever, Lady Pheasant Bird, and around two Shih Tzus. Two more passengers are required so that the aircraft can take off to Mumbai. But, if the remaining two passengers would not be available, airfare for the existing four might get costlier. 

One flight attendant would take care of all passengers in this private jet. But they need to transport inside the cages to ensure their safety during the journey. All-in-all, it is a good move to care about pity animals when even the humans are left stranded all around!