Corona effect- Haryana to commence interstate bus travel after Government declares new SOPs

Posted on June 5, 2020 by

Haryana SOP

As per the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Haryana Government in ordinance with MHA (Union Ministry of Home Affairs), buses can start on Haryana roadways with a few protocols. It is done to save people from moving on roads to save against the corona effect. 

COVID 19 has set the country on fire with its massive hold on the citizens. Central Government in support of state and district authorities are trying to figure out ways and means to deal with it. 

SOPs are the norms held to protect citizens from corona spread. It is a way to unlock the country after a 2 months long lockdown and start with necessary operations. Every passenger traveling through the interstate bus service should be safe. It is the main criterion of the Haryana government. 

Certain essential guidelines while traveling from Haryana buses are as stated below.

· Travellers must carry ID proofs and Aarogya Setu app in phones

According to the latest SOP, any citizen traveling between states must have a valid ID proof. They also should have tickets prints along with them. Travelers as well as the bus staff need to install ‘Aarogya Setu’ in their phones and must be marked as green. Apart from this, they must not be a recent foreign visitor by any means. If any member is found with any COVID-19 symptoms, they would be asked to quit their journey then and there. Besides, they must stay as a home quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. 

· Buses to limit passenger strength

It is again a crucial SOP issued by Haryana Government. Passenger strength traveling through buses cannot exceed the limit of to 35. Sanitization is compulsory for every bus before and after the journey. Any loophole in the process will lead to the cancellation of a driver’s license. Hand sanitizers and masks are important if the passengers are commuting travel journey. Bus staff must ensure that everyone getting in the vehicle should have their faces covered with masks. 

· Follow Social distancing norms

Keeping a safe level of social distancing is crucial. Passengers waiting at the stops, getting in the buses, and even while getting down must follow 1-meter distance. Spitting will now be a strictly punishable offense. Any kind of sneezing or coughing is strictly prohibited. It means that even if you are suffering through a regular cold or flu, stay away from public transport. 

  • No boarding allowed without thermal scan

Thermal scanners are now mandatory for all public spots as they are more prone to this pandemic. Any passenger going into the bus first needs to go through a thermal scan. If the scan results are normal, only then you can move ahead with the travel. Apart from that, even the staff members can be on duty only if they pass thermal scanning. They need to cover themselves with proper PPE kits and ensure its sanitization after every single use. 

If you have any travel plans to move out with interstate bus facilities in Haryana, catch on news heads and stay updated. This is essential to ensure a safe and convenient journey for you and your family!