Spain all set to start up hotels with stringent rules!

Posted on June 4, 2020 by


Lockdown rules are at ease in Spain and the Government is planning to start up with the hotel industry. But the hotels have to follow a new set of instructions. On May 11, Spain announced the amendment of lockdown rules, and hotels can start up their operations. 

As per the recent rules, you cannot travel across state borders till June 22. Any kind of commuting or travel of people is not allowed until the dedicated date. Even hotels can start up but only if they follow all sanitization and safety-related norms. One major aspect of the hotel startup is you can no more binge on your favorite delicacies in a common buffet. Hotels need to remove an all-inclusive buffet option from their packages. 

Hotels will resume functioning in phases 

Also, the immediate start-up of hotels is not viable as per the Spain Government. New guidelines have stated that there would be phases to resume the functioning of the entire hotel industry. As per the norms, the first phase would sanction hotels to only open up their rooms. It means the visitors can enjoy the hotel room space and the neighboring sights. 

Other amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, kids’ area, and spas should remain closed. But, inbuilt hotel restaurants can use half of their restaurant area to serve customers.

If at all there is any historical significance to the hotel, in-built museums are there. All such museums can also allow visitors but only with half of their capacity.

Follow strict social distancing rules 

Spain has recorded many cases of COVID-19 for the past few months. Clear instructions state maintaining a safe social distance. It is the prime rule in the list for the re-opening of hotels in Spain. Hotels have given strict directives to maintain at least 1-meter distance.  Any guests arriving at the hotel must follow the rulebook and ensure that they diligently follow it. 

Even at the reception, staff members must ensure that not more than 4 to 5 people gather at a point of time. For this, hotels are preparing new signboards to enable the visitors to follow rules efficiently. Floor markings at a designated distance are mandatory. 

No cash transaction

Another crucial guideline states that hotels should avoid any kind of cash transactions. This ensures that there is no physical contact in any form between the customer and the hotel staff. You must make bill payments or restaurant tips and charges through credit or debit cards. Other modes of payments like Google pay or Pioneer are available. Invoice emails can be a great option instead of physical bills. 

Hotels need to keep all rooms and car keys in a sanitized container. Any staff member should maintain sanitization norms while picking and keeping the keys in it. Disinfectant sprays are a good option for this purpose. Staff members need to keep sanitized uniforms to wear during service hours. 

After making a note of all these aspects, hotels can start up with their operations in Spain! To your knowledge. 

Spain recently announced a 14-day quarantine mandatory for all foreign visitors!