Solar Energy – Near future power source for Konark Temple in Odisha

Posted on September 5, 2020 by

Konark wheel

Konark Sun Temple in Odisha is planning to utilize solar energy shortly. 

Konark Sun Temple is a very popular spot in Odisha. The government is planning to light up the temple as well as the entire Konark town with solar energy. It is the best and natural source of power that can reduce the cost of power sources significantly. 

As per the recent press release, the news was a release that the Ministry of New and Renewable energy is considering solarising as a major development in recent times. Famous Konark temple as well as the relevant town with inducing several solar power projects to exhibit high power sources through natural resources. 

The vision behind the solar conversion

Konark town has been a long time devotee to Sun God. This is also the significance behind the huge mythological importance of Konark Sun Temple. Several innovative schemes are also been introduced by the government for this sake. They further enlightened their wish to transform the Konark town’s name to Surya Nagri. It would be popularly known as the solar city. 

Solar energies are free of cost and can be extremely cost-effective. Having solar projects can ensure that the electricity reaches out to the remotest areas. They are also managing to order solar panels in huge numbers to light up the city with this resource. Odisha Government wanted to display a connection between the belief of people in Sun God and synergy with the modern solar energy uses. This can be an excellent way to inform people about the benefits of solar power and influence the people countrywide by setting an example. 

Ministry has recently mentioned the 10 MW grid-related solar projects as well as several solar off-grid applications. Multiple solar projects are to be introduced such as grid solar power plants with compatible battery storage options and solar trees. Other additions to Konark Sun temple would be the solar-powered water drinking kiosks and even solar trees. People in Odisha are highly fascinated with this vision and find themselves as a part of a technologically developed town. 

Getting Financial aid from the Central Government is a priority for the local authorities. They are in conversations and meetings with the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) to gather the aid of around INR 25 Crore for the upcoming solar projects. Indian Government is quite convinced with this development plan and has given the matter for review to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. 

Further declaration by the Ministry was made that Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency will execute the solar project. They have given the vision that all energy-related requirements of Konark would be met after this project. 

Odisha Government is excited as the iconic Konark Sun Temple would use solar power consumption to light up the temple courtyard as well as the town. Odisha would be the first ‘Solar city’ to make implications of solar power while worshipping at Sun Temple.