New avenues explored by the Tourism Ministry of India to expand Buddhist tourism!

Posted on July 23, 2020 by

The Tourism Ministry is moving ahead with steps for Buddhist tourism to flourish in India.

This news came into light at the inauguration of the webinar on Cross border tourism. Prahlad Singh Patel, Minister of tourism and culture, stated Indian roots to Buddhism. Gautam Buddha and other Buddhist saints have been a part of our culture, but Buddhist pilgrims are not much aware of this fact. It is high time that the country should push to Buddhist tourism and invite pilgrims from throughout the world. 

Another report enlightened the fact that the Association of Buddhist Tour operators hosted this webinar, and the attendee list included prime representatives from the UN Peacekeeping Forces Council. Another list of attendees includes representatives from other countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, and other important travel and hospitality associations from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. 

Indian Ministry of tourism has risen the fact that the country has taken initial steps to frame new advertising and developmental activities for various Buddhist sites in the country. Patel also reportedly gave an eye to the corrective measures for this purpose, realizing the low accountability of International Buddhist tourists to the country. 

Buddhism has always been an integral part of Indian values, and of late, its significance is not highlighted to the tourism benefit of the country. 

An important initiative includes appropriate signage placement in distinct foreign languages at all Buddhist sites. This could enable the Buddhist tourist to grasp the historic gist of every destination they visit. 

The tourism department also directs the development and restoration of popular Buddhist destinations like Sarnath, Sravasti, and Kushinagar. Sanchi is a popular location in India that is gaining popularity amongst international Buddhist tourists. Sri Lankans visit it quite often, and there are signages here in Sinhalese to help them understand the importance of that place. 

As per Patel, many other structural developments would be done to fascinate the easy transport facilities for international Buddhist tourists to visit here. He also noticed the significant decision taken by the central Government to convert the Kushinagar airport as an international landing space. It would not just enhance tourism but also drastically facilitate the economy of that region. An increase in job prospects and a rise in tourism can help in the overall development of that area. 

As per the Association of Buddhist Tour Operators, they are consistently stepping ahead to encourage Buddhist tourism in the country.