Unlock 5.0 in Uttarakhand- After six months Interstate bus services are all set to resume!

Posted on October 9, 2020 by


Recently, the state Government of Uttarakhand stated approval to commence the inter-state bus services in full swing right from now. They are taking into account all the factors to ensure that passengers have a safe journey while regularizing the commercial travel. But there are specific directions given by the state government such as all the passengers can accommodate in the bus but only with a particular capacity. Strict instructions are out on not to gather or crowd near any public buses. 

Uttarakhand’s Chief Secretary, Mr Om Prakash authorized the consent to resume inter-state bus travel but only after following the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to ensure a hassle-free bus trip for inter-state and intra-state. Considering the commuting difficulties faced by regular travellers and stranded people at remote locations, this guideline is stated hereby.

The exact order on commencement of inter-state buses goes as, “The UTC will be allowed to run inter-state buses only after establishing coordination with the transport corporations of other states. They will have to strictly follow the Covid-19 guidelines during the operation of bus services including mandatory wearing of masks by bus staffers and passengers along with thermal screening.”

SOPs for Interstate bus services stated by the Uttarakhand Government is as follows:

  • Proper sanitization of every public vehicle is compulsory before and after every journey. Taking any chance with the sanitation measures can make it difficult for the vehicle owners to operate. Even the passenger should take proper care and carry handy sanitizers to use frequently after getting into contact with bus handles or seats. 
  • Passengers, conductors and drivers cannot consume pan, tobacco or cigarettes while travelling through the buses. Spitting is a big ‘NO’ as it can be a significant cause of Coronavirus spread around the place. Every traveller needs to stay vigilant about their hygiene while in public. 
  • Standing is not allowable while travelling on the buses. Doing this can be a violation of social distancing to a great extent.  
  • Wearing proper masks is mandatory for the conductors, passengers and the drivers to ensure a seamless travel experience. 
  • Installing Aarogya Setu App in their respective mobile phones is also must for all passengers. 

Further, the guideline gives exact order to the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (UTC) for allowing merely 100 trips every day among the two ends as a part of Phase 1. Slowly, they would increase the number of trips as per the operational functionality. Setting up of bus fares would depend on the State Transport Authority. Besides, the Government also decided to discontinue the 50% seat filling capacity of passengers and again rising the fare. 

After a big lap of 6 months, bus services resumed again, and travellers are enthusiastic about the travel journey through public transport. Reportedly on Wednesday, several people gathered at the Haridwar and Dehradun bus station to board buses. Buses moving to common routes like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Kumaon were loaded with passengers. 

Until now, due to the increase in several Coronavirus cases; the state government had banned all type of transportation services amongst connecting states. As a result, travellers were facing a lot of problems in commuting from one place to another. Right from making registration through the Government portal to getting negative reports for COVID-19; many strict rules and regulations are set up before making an entry into the state. 

Soon after Indian entered the Unlock 5.0, even the state government gave relaxation towards inter-state operations. Even the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation gave a green flag to commercial vehicles such as cabs, taxis and auto-rickshaws to undergo operations amongst the inter-state and inter-district routes as per the rules set for the capacity of commuters!