No Dandiya Celebrations in Maharashtra this year- Guidelines out for Navratri and Dussehra!

Posted on October 10, 2020 by


This Navratri and Dussehra festival celebration is going to be a too low-key affair due to rising COVID-19 Cases in Maharashtra. State home Department has recently put up a report that gave clear instructions to all Puja mandals in various parts of Maharashtra to refrain from the Garba or Dandiya celebrations. May it be societies, localities or big mandals; strict instructions are out to avoid any cultural event or celebrations for the same. 

Navratri celebration in Maharashtra has always been a major attraction for the people here and all across the country due to massive-scale preparations and colourful festive set up for this occasion. Even the 10 days Dussehra play event held at Girgaon Chowpatty every year is subject to cancellation. 

As per the reports, the Government has set some guidelines for the Puja Mandals to organize several health awareness programmes with significance to COVID-19 and other multiple diseases. They can also promote the drive for blood donation as it can save hundreds and thousands of lives at one go itself. The situation of this pandemic in Maharashtra as compared to the whole country is relatively high. Therefore the State Government is emphasizing on preventive measures to control and manage the outbreak here. 

Set of rules stated by the Maharashtra Government with regards to Navratri Celebration are as follows:

  • If you remember, even during Ganeshotsav, the idol height cannot cross the 4 ft mark even in the public mandals while for homes only the height of 2 ft is considerable. Anyone breaching the norms of Devi idol height can face the action from the Government authorities. 
  • People willing to bring home the Devi Idols can either opt for the marble idols or the metal ones, but the clay idols need an avoidance. And most important, no holy immersions are possible at any common waters. Either the devotees have to make a home immersion or create artificial sites for the immersion of idols at their respective locations. 
  • To manage the crowd at the Puja Pandals, not more than 5 devotees must enter the pandal at once. This can help in ensuring that the protocol of social distancing remains maintained, and even the devotees do not get deprived of getting blessings from their almighty Devi. 
  • No drinks and food are allowable at the pandal, and every Mandal needs to take due care of the same. If they do not abide the vital set of rules, it can lead to resultant action against them.
  • Important norms such as thermal screening, efficient use of sanitizers, and masks are a must-follow ritual when you visit these pandals. 
  • For old aged devotees who are at high risk to COVID-19 infection must get the online darshan facility by all mandals so that even they can get a glimpse of their Goddess. 
  • Also, the Dussehra festivity or the famous Ravan Dahan that follows some symbolic rituals can undergo but without any vast crowds and gatherings. Instead, people can stream the entire celebration online and register their virtual presence to the festival but that too only if the arrangements are accessible for the same. 

There are many popular Navratri Mandals in Thane, but that won’t be celebrating the festival this year. Besides, the prominent Parsik Nagar Celebrations won’t be held either, and therefore the people have to compromise on the festivities due to Government measures for controlling the Corona Outbreak. 

People can enjoy the small celebrations by performing Puja and sharing Prasad to enjoy the festive fun!