Travel aspirations of Demised Actor Sushant Singh Rajput go viral with heart-wrenching hand wriiten notes!

Posted on June 15, 2020 by


Sushant Singh Rajput leaves the world with a list of 50 ‘dreams’ that he wishes to pursue. The Actor committed suicide on June 14 at the 6th Floor apartment in Bandra. Few handwritten posts from his Instagram account are going viral including travel by train to Europe, learning Kriya Yoga, meditate in Himalaya, Visit Antarctica, Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, travel to LIGO and indulge in active Volcano photography. 

The viral note portrays that the late Actor was a travel dreamer and coveted several adventurous and learning-based travel plans. His future wish list indicated his zeal for life. Positivity was the core of all plans but Actor chose to quit them all! Many fans are pouring in their heartfelt condolences and truly admire his handwriting skills. 

Sushant was a vivid personality and the country is in a state of shock with his loss. He wanted to travel to Europe by train and capture the beautiful sights of the country. Train travel indicates his art soothing spirit as he always had a corner for artistic and beautiful things. Sushant was a very calm person and this might be the reason why he always wanted to ponder the calmness of Europe’s natural scenic landscape with a train journey. It also explained how subtle and diversified thoughts the actor possessed. 

The further wish list also gives an idea about his interest in exploring the inner energies and soulful learning. As per the sources, the actor was undergoing the depression treatment for the past 6 months and this might be the reason for his travel plans to ‘Kailash’. The list also indicated his will to learn ‘kriya’ Yoga. He was an admirer of yogic practices and wanted to meditate in the most sacred regions of Himalayas to rejuvenate his inner dynamism. 

Sushant Singh Rajput was an engineer and this kept him connected to his professional travel desires. The actor also wanted to travel LIGO which is the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. It is a huge astronomical tool for a physics experiment. Other travel inclusion of popular actor was to indulge in active Volcano photography that displays his passion for thrills and innovations. Sushant also mentioned the travel plans to the exotic ice range of Antarctica. His dreams were to be fanatical with travel moderations ranging to diversified locations. Another travel aspiration of the actor was to visit St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna. And there were many other things in the wish list that are left unfulfilled!

Bollywood industry and the countrywide fan base is mourning the death of this legendary actor who has given a fair display of his acting potential. ‘MS Dhoni’, ‘Kaipochhe’, and recent motivational movie ‘Chhichhore’ depicts the versatility of the actor and claims that he was the rising superstar of the century. Controversies relevant to ‘murder’ or ‘suicide’ of the actor in on high node and police are undergoing all investigation proceedings to find the truth!