Madhya Pradesh grants public access to National Parks with immediate effect

Posted on June 18, 2020 by

Animal admirers are now allowed limited access to National Parks in Madhya Pradesh as a part of unlocking 1.0. 

Madhya Pradesh Government opened up the doors of National and Zoological parks for outside visitors within the state. Although all the parks are reiterated, it was still assured that the rulebook lined up by the center needs to be aptly followed. Concerning the recent Pandemic that has taken the country’s economy to toes, a list of important guidelines has to be diligently followed by everyone. 

Further reports have also bought to notice the important recommendations for the commencement of National Parks after June 15. But all the safety advisories are to be crucially administered by the forest department supervisors. Another advisory also bought to the notice that the buffer zone of National Park premises will be on during the Monsoons. Madhya Pradesh tourism board further seconded on this statement. 

Many other initiatives are also executed by the Tourism Board of Madhya Pradesh for the resumption of travel-related business operations. However, the functionality will be based as per the latest revisions and no leniency is allowed on that note. Not just the National Parks, but even the private Resorts, Corporation hotels, and tourist places will slowly start serving their customers. In relevancy to this allowance in terms of business operations, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, Sonia Meena gave a thought that marketing of inbound tourism towards the Rich and strong wildlife of the state is an exotic avenue. It is a great move by the state authorities to ensure that people get back to normal lives with some added precautionary measures. 

Another MPTB official recognizes the prospects of opening up the tourist places including popular heritage, wildlife, leisure, and pilgrimage centers. Adventure walkthrough and safari rides in the National Parks can also grant added revenue to the government. It is an explicit opportunity to ensure robust performance by the collective government and tourism board teams to enhance the tourist visitors to dedicated hot spots. He also remarked the maintenance of appropriate hygiene and essential social distancing regulations as per the SOP circulated by the Ministry of Tourism. Any loopholes in the following of important guidelines are not allowed. 

Visitors planning to treat their eyes with the roaring lions and a contour of exotic animals can now move ahead with their travel plans. National Parks are awaiting their presence but with due respect that they do not cause any harm to wildlife species. This further precedes with essential gearing up before the visit so that everyone coming in that zone remains completely unaffected from Coronavirus infections.

Not just Madhya Pradesh, but also many other states in the country such as Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand are giving an eye to the economic boost with travel and tourism promotions. As international travel operations and tourism are on hold, there is a better profit-making alternative with domestic tourism opportunities. However, everything is planned under a few phases and the travel industry within the country will start functioning with progressive guidelines.