Char Dham temples to open for travelers from July 1- Uttarakhand Government stated!

Posted on June 11, 2020 by


Char Dham devotees are getting anxious after the latest declaration made by Uttarakhand Government. Visitors from all over India would be able to travel at four famous holy shrines from July 1. It is truly good news for all those planning for Darshan. Till now, only the local pilgrims were allowed by the government to visit Char Dham that started on June 8. Outsiders are not allowed to intervene until June 30. 

Locals are blissful

Recent orders issued by the CEO of Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board, Ravinath Raman, stated that only the local priests and the pilgrims residing in the same district are allowed to visit the shrine following the SOP guidelines after June 8. This decision was taken after numerous talks with the district magistrates and the local priests over there. 

Residents seemed to be quite exultant with this initiative of state Government. Further permission was also given to the owners of hotel and guest houses to resume their work in the district. Local shops and government offices will also resume their work. However, as far as the outside travelers are concerned, the yatra will be adjourned till June 30. 

Darshan Yatra to Char Dham would not be the same!

If you are overwhelmed with the latest news, there’s more to it. 

Follow the token system

The pilgrims must get a free token which is easily available at the temple counters. With these tokens, pilgrims can get an apt idea of when you arrive for the Darshan and at what time. Temple authorities will scrutinize the token at the entrance. Also, the entrants need to follow all social distancing norms like wearing a mask and standing at a proper distance from each other. Not more than 3 tokens could be given to a single traveler. 

How many pilgrims can enter?

Not more than 80 pilgrims can be permitted to enter the holy shrine of Kedarnath Temple per hour. On the other hand, the Badrinath temple would allow not more than 120 pilgrims in an hour. A recent Yatra rulebook declared on June 9 disclosed that the number of pilgrims that can visit each Char Dham temple daily. In a day, 800 pilgrims can visit Kedarnath, 1200 can visit Kedarnath, 600 can have a Darshan at Gangotri, and 400 at Yamunotri. 

Time constraint for Darshan

Pilgrims are allowed to spend only 1 minute for darshan at Kedarnath Temple while only 30 seconds are given at the Badrinath Shrine. 

Following the guidelines and checklist of Uttarakhand Government, pilgrims from all over the country can get this divine experience from July 1.