Goa nips through isolation rulebook- No compulsion of COVID-19 tests for arrivals!

Posted on June 10, 2020 by

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Goa has put quarantine rules followed nationwide in jeopardy. Travelers no longer need to go through the corona test after reaching there. 

The latest tweak by Goa state government was quite discerning. As per the recent (SOP), Standard Operating Procedure, the state has violated the quarantine rules that the central government has intimated. The state has taken up a call to not go through COVID-19 tests for travelers entering into the state. This is a quite unacceptable move from their end.

Increased movement of travelers in and out of the Goa state might be the reason for this. Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant declared that Goa is no more likely to go through Corona screenings for travelers. They are now skipping on compulsory testing procedures and the effect of this decision might be visible over a few days to come ahead. Also, the updated guidelines or SOP in regards to the testing procedure will be out from June 10. 

Testing hitches

Chief Minister Goa, Pramod Sawant further added that the state is facing many jeopardies due to an immense increase in the overall number of corona positives. It has further created a huge backlog of pending test reports. As a result, it is almost impossible for healthcare workers to come up with a timely report of each patient.

Already existing and prominent corona cases are more important to deal with. Concerning the latest reports, around 2500 cases are on the pending state as almost 2000 tests are done daily. This is however going to be a continued practice for the next couple of months. To cater to proper treatments for prominent corona positive patients, it is the time demand to skip on mandatory tests for arrivals. As a result, they have made up their minds on altering the SOPs related to daily arrivals in Goa. 

Travel restrictions pertain!

To safeguard this SOP, Sawant also talked about stricter quarantine rules. People can surely enter the state but they need to compulsorily stay in 14 days quarantine at home. Apart from this, their regular movements will be closely scrutinized by local authorities and representatives. 

Restricted quarantine movements would ensure they do not come up with a contact of any other people. Social mingling is totally out of question. Paid quarantine facilities are also given if they wish to skip the home going option. Also, you can undergo a swab test at Rs.2000 if you wish to skip quarantine hassles. 

Check and travel

Revised protocols do not indicate that the state is heading towards leniency. They are stricter on the airport, railway stations, and cross border scanning. Everyone passing through checkpoints needs to go through thermal scanners and if they possess even a mild single corona symptom, the COVID-19 test is compulsory as per Pramod Sawant.

So if you have any recent plans on Goa travel, be sure to breeze through the latest protocols to avoid any traveling hoes!