Travelers need E-registration to visit Punjab- Glance at the process!

Posted on July 8, 2020 by

Punjab e-registeration

Punjab Government has made e-registration mandatory to travel Punjab for all visitors. This rule came into light via state authorities from July 6 Midnight. Travelers need to learn more about it to ensure a safe Punjab entry.

Capt. Amarinder Singh, CM of Punjab made this decision after the rejection of relaxation that was given on a 14-day home isolation rule for entrants who originally belonged to the state. Taking into account this contamination threat from the red zones of Delhi/NCR, this advisory was brought into notice so that the Punjab residents entering the state should be free from COVID infection. 

As per the reports from popular newspapers, travelers who wish to enter back in Punjab can undergo a self e-registration process from anywhere. Depending on the guidelines from Punjab Government, this online registration process would ensure their smooth travel tale. 

Punjab Government has made it mandatory for everyone entering the province by road or indulge in any transit to ensure self-registration through the Cova app or they can log on to before commencing the journey. 

The motive to make this move is to avoid the traveler’s crowd and fuss at the border checkpoints. To undergo the E-registration process, here is a guide to follow. 

The purpose behind e-registration is to make entry hassle-free for the travelers at the border checkpoints.

  1.   E-Registration through two ways
  •   Via Cova App

    You can download this app through Apple app store or Android Play store

    Install App Successfully

    Go to the Menu and choose self-registration for traveling from Punjab province

    Complete the details and send submission

  •   Use website link

    Log on the website link at for Self-registration

    Complete all information and submit

    Ensure to download Cova App in your phones before the start of the journey. 

  1.   Once the e-registration process completes, you would get a confirmation link through SMS.
  2.   Click at the link to derive printout with a QR code
  3.   If you are traveling through three or four-wheeler, stick the printout at the left-hand side on the windscreen or even better keep it handy at the dashboard. 
  4.   Authorities would scan the QR code at the check-points. 
  5.   Physical thermal screening and a basic medical check-up of all the entrant is also important. 
  6.   Travelers who cross all these stages and refrain any COVID- 19 symptoms can pass through. If at all, they are showing any such symptoms, medical staff would guide them with further orders at the check post. 

According to sources, asymptomatic travelers entering the state have to stay quarantined at their respective homes for 14 days. While this period, they also have to submit regular reports by making a call at 112 or through the Cova app. Besides, symptomatic passengers are given appropriate instruction at the check-point. 

Authorities at the border point would make use of the alert system to disclose details with the police at the arrival or transit of every traveler making cross-border movements. They would also keep a tab through physical or technical resources on every entrant. 

All these measures are taken keeping in mind the safety of Punjab residents!