Longest ever 2.8km long ‘Sheshnaag’ train- Milestone for Indian Railways

Posted on July 6, 2020 by


Recently, Indian railways availed a new milestone with an introduction to 2.8km longest ever ‘sheshnaag’ train. It is a revolutionary step towards progress in our railways. 

Indian railways made a new record with assembling of four trains together. It is a super long train that is beyond the imagination of many. ‘Sheshnag’ would hit the Indian rail tracks shortly. A report states that this 2.8km long train made under the supervision of IRCTC. Four empty BOXN rakes amalgamation led to the final structure of this lengthy train and contains the power of four electric locomotives set. 

Glorifying this new record, Piyush Goyal, the Railway Minister of India made a recent tweet on the successful trial of this 2.8km long freight train. ‘Sheshnaag’ is a very big achievement for India as it comprises of huge carriage capacity. As a result, transport of good and heavy items can now get easier with amplified space to load in the vehicle. This can cut off the freight charges and the job of multiple trains would be possible with a single journey. 

Further lauds came up from the Union Minister stating, “SheshNaag running on track: boosting freight transportation, railways has run 251 wagons with 4 trains combined, totaling to 2.8 km, between Nagpur and Korba.”

This incredible success initialized at the South East Central Railway Zone from India Railways. Rail tracks of Southern Zone have extensive lines and a long train is certainly a boon for such big networks. Indian Railways are of the vision to mobilize the goods and products with a fastened pace and within dedicated time limits. Freight trains provide immediate transfer of goods as this is the fastest mode of road transport and has an effective reach to even the remote locations. 

Progress on passenger trains is still at a halt due to the travel control with effect to the recent pandemic threat within the country. Indian Railways are working to prevent the people’s movement to control the Corona spread. 

After the success of ‘Sheshnaag’, Indian Railways is under the plan to run many freight rakes to save a large amount of time spent on product transportation. Besides, the quantity movement of goods, it also manages the congestion on Indian Railways. India has the most comprehensive network of rail routes in the world and the measures for its decongestion can be a huge success,

On June 30, Railway Ministry announced that they ran a 177-coach freight train known as ‘Super Anaconda’. Their division made a tweet, “Taking a big leap in reducing the transit time of freight trains, Bilaspur division of SECR broke yet another frontier by joining & running 3 loaded trains (more than 15000 tonnes) in ‘Anaconda’ formation through Bilaspur and Chakradharpur divisions.”

Indian Railways are vigorously driven towards boosting up of freight train services in all zones so that people at the remotest locations also do not face the scarcity of essential products!