Violation of Covid protocols might be heavy on your pockets now

Posted on April 5, 2021 by

India has not yet announced another set of lockdown, but this in no way means that the government is taking the situation lightly. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has instructed all the airport authorities to follow stringent measures such as the imposition of fines and all commuters who do not obey Covid norms.
People who fail to comply with the Covid protocols at the airport shall have to undergo police actions as the authorities have been instructed to follow strict measures in India. In this respect, the Union Aviation Minister, H S Puri gave severe warnings on Tuesday.
Bengaluru airport has already started complying with the decision to take strict action against the individuals who refuse to wear masks inside the terminal. Those people shall either be thrown out of the terminal or shall be denied permission to board their respective flights. A spokesperson from the airport opined that people who remain outside the airport premises, such as the ones to come to drop or receive, shall be fined INR 250 if they fail to follow the imposed set of regulations.
In recent times, the DGCA carried out random checking at the airport and reported certain violations of the law. In their opinion, compliance was not up to the mark. The DGCA has directed each and every person to follow the Covid-19 norms that include wearing proper masks and maintaining social distancing.
A spokesperson of the Mumbai Airport stated, “In light of the latest DGCA order, (it) will strategize with all relevant stakeholders and adopt any relevant measures to safeguard the health and safety of passengers and personnel at the airport”.
Both the Delhi and Hyderabad airports have reported that people who fail to follow the norms, quickly adhere to the regulations once they are reminded of the measures.