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Prachi Valley is prominent for its jaw-dropping history, antiquities, and the religious sanctuaries of Odisha. It is part of eastern India and the prominent destination too where people all over the world come. However, this valley is situated approximately 61 km from Bhubaneswar. In addition to it, Prachi Valley is an ideal destination for those masses that have an interest in history as well as archeology. Most people have a lot of questions about the history of Prachi Valley. In contrast to it, every person has unique views related to it. So, if you are a history lover, then you must visit this valley.

It is located on the bank of the Prachi River. Moreover, this river is known as the tertiary river of the river Mahanadi. If you will have an opportunity to explore the history of the Prachi Valley and the beauty of nature then don’t miss the chance. Furthermore, there are numerous monuments belong to the 7th century AD to the 15th Century AD. It gives the light to the ancient culture of Odisha. It is believed that Prachi Valley is older than the times of Mohen-jo-Daro as well as Harappan. The monuments designate the appropriate social life as well as the environmental scenario of the ancient time. Most people believe that this place holds the history of five years ago.

The Sacred Prachi River

The prominent and sacred Prachi River flows via the Prachi Valley. The main feature of the Prachi River is that: it is considered as the Saraswati of East India. It is a fact that the Saraswati River has become extinct. On the other hand, with limited conditions, the sacred Prachi River is flowing at the present date. This valley is famous for the alluring monuments and exciting history which is India famous for. If you visit the Prachi Valley, then you have a chance to see the immense monuments. All these monuments make your journey remarkable and mind-blowing. These include stone temples, mutts, brick-temples, tirthas, stepped-wells, Forts, Ghats, dunes, and many more.

Prachi River

In addition to it, Prachi Valley is proof of the co-existence of the numerous ideologies of the religious. These ideologies include Jainism, Buddhism, Shaktism, and Vaishnavism & Shaivism. Moreover, most of the monuments of Prachi Valley have been lost, and the rest of the monuments are placed in the living testimony. In addition to it, out of 150, two are under the ASI, while the state archaeology department has 15 monuments. Numerous dynasties are linked with the Prachi Valley. Moreover, it includes Kharvela’s Chedi Dynasty, Eastern Gangas, Gajapatis, and many more.

 It is too fantastic to visit such a historic valley. It is the way to connect the masses with history. When you explore this place, then you will surely learn numerous things about it. The trip to Prachi Valley gives you an unforgettable experience of life. You will feel down to earth and closer to ancient times. Sometimes it is better to visit such peaceful places that give the unique peace of mind to the person.

A road trip of Odisha, Prachi Valley:

It is approximately fifteen kilometers from Bhubaneswar. It is the state capital city that touches the Khurda, Cuttack & Puri districts. You can reach here from the two different sides. The first one is Bhubaneswar-Phulnakhara-Adaspur side or from the Bhubaneswar-Uttara-Balipatna side. It is basically up to you which side you prefer. Mostly people prefer the first one. On the way, you can also try the fried Rasgullas. It is the special dish of the way. In addition to it, you can even taste the street food. In addition to it, there are numerous famous temples that you can visit. Here is the list of temples that you can visit to make your journey of Prachi Valley unique and exciting.


Sobhaneswar Temple:

A vast Nandi statue is situated at the entrance of Sobhaneswar Temple. It is located on the left side of the Prachi River and 48 feet high. The king of Eastern Ganga Dynasty Ananga Bhima Deva III built this beautiful temple. You can also take the blessing of Shivling. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, many devotees come here. 

Shovaneeswar Temple

Madhavananda Temple:

You will be amazed by seeing the magnificent Madhavananda Temple. It is situated in Madhava village. It was built during the 13th century. Therefore do not miss the chance to visit this historic temple. The Janmashtami, Ram Navami as well as Dol Purnima are the major festivals that are celebrated here. In the afternoon, temple food is available but at the booking.

Angeswar Mahadev Temple:

It is situated at the Nua Pitapada in the district Cuttack. It is the 14.25-meter high east-facing temple that was built by Somvamsis during the 10th century. In addition to it, it is made from the burnt bricks. Therefore, you can also visit this temple. It is a historic cum religious place.

Angeswar Mahadev Temple


Apart from it, you visit the temples, as mentioned above, for the inner piece. Except for these temples, you will have an opportunity to visit Varahi Temple, Gangeswari Temple, Buddhanath temple, and many more. These visits make your journey tremendous, as well as fabulous. 

Varahi Temple


Mahashivratri & Bada OSHA Festival:

These are the major as well as prominent festivals of Prachi Valley. It is believed that Maa Amrutalochani worshipped inside the temple. This ancient temple is located at approximately 24 KM’s from the Bhubaneswar. In addition to it, prefer the day tour as compared to the evening tour. The reason is that in the day time, you will be able to examine the heritage history of Prachi Valley deeply.  

In addition to it, you can see the art, sculptures, monuments and many more things. Trip to Prachi Valley is a worthy investment of money at the right place. You can also visit the following places:

  • Kuruma Buddhist Site

Kuruma Buddhist Site

  • Kakatpur Mangala Temple

Kakatpur Mangala Temple

  • Jayadev Peeth of Kenduli Village

Jayadev Peeth of Kenduli Village

  • Hirapur Chausathi Yogini Temple


Your trip to Prachi Valley is incomplete without visiting the places mentioned above. So explore these places too.

Tips related to this tour:

  • It is recommendable to hire a cab because on several sites there is no facility for public transport.
  • If you think that you will get the five-star hotels on the way to stay, you have the wrong myth. Even you will have to use public toilets.
  • It is advisable to carry the lunch along with you. The reason is that most of the sites are located in rural areas. It is quite impossible to find delicious food to eat.
  • You do not need to worry about the guidance. There is appropriate road signage that guides and shows the direction of sites.
  • You will enjoy the beauty of nature and rural areas too. You will feel like you are in a lap of nature as well as history.

In the end, there is no doubt that Prachi Valley is an exciting place to visit. Moreover, keep all the essential traveling tips in your mind to prevent any misguidance during the journey. So it is better to keep your food, water, and crucial things along with you on your journey. Due to this you and your travel mates will not face any problem.

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