5 things you must do in Spiti Valley

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Himachal Pradesh, the north Indian state has been the center for the north Indians to sneak in for a weekend or longer. There is some reason for that, and that reason being there are places that are more beautiful than the rest. Everybody knows about it. Why else would it be known as the most favorite tourist destination for the Indians? Spiti Valley is one other hilly area in the state which caters to tourists in great ways. Whether it’s food, sightseeing or to have pure unadulterated fun, there is everything which one can expect to have to a holiday destination. So, Here is a quick checklist of items one should not miss out while being at Spiti.!

This should definitely inspire you to travel to Spiti

Rafting- River rafting is always a fun activity to do especially if done amidst the vast landscapes, high ridges, glaciers, pastures and mountain tops. Pin and Spiti rivers offer some of the most awesome rapids that can be the ride of your life. As you move through the narrow passes and heavy glaciers you come to know that what sort of fun rafting is capable of providing. The rafting in these rivers gives access to beautiful places that can’t be reached otherwise. The best rafting spots are on the Pin River. From January to June, the river rafting can be enjoyed from 09:00 am – 05:00 pm. whereas from September to December, the rafting experience can be enjoyed from 09:00 am – 05:00 pm.

Visit Giu Village- A village located at a height of about 10,000 feet above the sea level promises a lot of things in general. Located between the towns of Sumdo and Tabo, the village is quite ancient and historical. The Tibetan mummy placed in the museum is over 500 years old the thing it has becomes known for largely and quite rightly. The mummy was discovered by workers of Indo-Tibetan border police constructing a border surveillance post near Sumdoh. It is believed that the mummy represents a Lama mediating. The long preserved dead human bodies are in fact the things that scare you to death and amazes you at the very same time. Whatever might be the truth, it’s worth visiting the mummy once.

Camp at Chandratal- Chandratal is a lake, and not just any other high altitude lakes, it is said that this has always been the most photographed lake in the entire world. Well, that says a lot. The beauty of the lake is mesmerizing and once you enter the place, you will see hundreds of camps set up there. The location is perfect for camping and in the early morning hours, the place looks nothing less than magical.


Visit the world’s highest post office- The post office located as the place is popular to be known as the world’s only post office that is located this high. Hikkim is located at a height of about 4400 metres above the sea level. So, never forget to say hello to the staff as they sit proudly and do their work honestly sitting at this height.

Trek- Where there is a mountain or a hill, trekking is unavoidable. Trekking here in the valley is one of the most tiring and the longest ones maybe, but high on the excitement level. There is not an inch of the place that will get you bored. Trek to Dhankar and back is one of the most crowded treks in the Spiti valley.


Located amidst the majestic Himalayan range, Spiti valley is as exotic a place can get. Never forget to give it a try during your next trip to Shimla or Manali. Once you enter the Spiti Valley, it’s not so easy to take an exit from this beautiful place. You could easily plan to stay for 11-12 days in this cold desert. The best time to visit Spiti is in between July and September.

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