A memorable escape to bliss on the Indian Islands

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The mainland India, especially the northern part is brimming high with all the picturesque tourist spots to hang out. And needless to say, the huge traffic of the foreign and local tourists have enabled the hospitality industry there to come up with luxurious attempts to lure in more and more of those tourists. In all that gloss of the mainland India, people usually tend to forget that there are some islands in the Indian Ocean which are no less than any other place in terms of luxury and comfort. Let’s get to know about a few of them.

Lakshadweep- Lakshadweep is one of the most beautiful places you can expect to find in the country. The 36 small and big islands collectively constitute Lakshadweep, whose name is defined literally as The Island of a hundred thousand lands. Out of all of them, Kavaratti is the most developed and has the most comfortable facilities to stay and spend some time at. Agatti and Bengaram are other two very popular little islands which are just recently getting the popularity that they deserve. It happens to be located near Kerala.


Andaman and Nicobar- If we talk about the Indian island most frequently visited by the international tourists, Andamans would be the one. They are located in the Andaman Sea on the east of the country. There are many popular stories about this set of islands that have made their way into the popular literature. Once upon a time, they were known as the dreaded Kaala Paani and now, as the times have changed, they are full of luxurious five-star hotels and resorts. However, the stories about the cannibals still existing in here may attract the most adventurous ones as well.


St. Mary’s Islands- These are a small set of four beautiful islands, located near the state of Karnataka. Also known as the coconut islands, these little pieces of landfall in the Arabian Sea, to the west side of the country. The biggest attraction of these islands is the massive pitch black lava stones that resulted with an eruption of the very aggressive volcano over the centuries. There are a great number of hotels on the islands promising a very comfortable stay.

Netrani Island- Located about 20 kilometers from Murudeshwara in the Arabian Sea, the Netrani Island also happens to be known as the Pigeon Island. For the tourists hailing from Goa and Kerala, the nearby places, the islands serve as a perfect place for some daring water sports such as Scuba diving. The biggest highlight of the island is only visible from the space though, as it looks like a heart located right in the middle of the sea. The island remains closed during the monsoons due to the heavy rains that fall in here annually. Any other time in the year is perfect for a visit to this little beauty of an island.


So, forget the hills and all the snow, have a visit to one of these islands and you will know how there is much more to our beautiful country what we are still unaware of.

Majuli Island

Majuli Island is one of the most coveted islands on the list of Indian Islands. It’s one of the biggest river islands in the world and the most unique of all the islands in India. We are sure to enjoy this place for its breath-taking sunrises and stunning sunsets. Out of all the islands of India, this one is the most unconventional one where you will find moss instead of sand on its coast and traditional north-eastern cuisine instead of seafood.


Diu Island

Who doesn’t want to visit an island so cool? Diu Island is a small island which has traces of Portuguese culture infused in it.

This island has a little bit of everything that appeals right from the architectural beauty and serenity. The beautiful beaches and tropical sea-food with a hint of Gujarati influence will make it a notch diverse from other islands in India. if you are looking to have a good time with your alcoholic friends, the best part is that alcohol is legal here, unlike in Gujarat!


So, which of these islands captivate your senses and allure you to visit them at least once? 

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