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As beautiful are the locales of this beautiful little place which happens to be the home of the exiled Tibetan government, there are places here that one falls in love with. Every sensory sensation is amazing here. The beautiful sound of silence, the mesmerizing visuals of the valley and the cold climate makes everything stand still. But there is one more thing about McLeodGanj that is not as famous as the others but is as important. When tourists feel hungry and tired, where do they head next? We have compiled a list of the most famous cafes and restaurants that you can visit in case you are planning your next holidays there.

Seed Cafe, Jogiwara Road, McLeogGanj

If you want to have your food while enjoying the scenery around, then it is your best bet. This is as silent as a place can get. The hustle and bustle of the outside world won’t affect you. So you can have the delicious food and that warm cup of coffee while reading a book or you just can sit alone in silence. The place is normally crowded with couples and the national and international tourists. Pizzas, pancakes, noodle and Lasagne is the specialty over here.


Hummingbird Cafe, Located inside the Norbulingka Institute

Set around a wonderful garden, Hummingbird cafe happens to be one of the most popular restaurants in the entire city. Many tourists who visit the place again and again have listed this as their most favourite place to hangout and spend some quality time at. The food here is excellent. Although the cafe is limited to offering vegetarian food, that may be a down deal for many of many. But whatever they serve here is just excellent.

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, Main Square, Jogiwara Road, McLeodGanj

As described by the name itself, the restaurant mostly deals in Italian food and the other specialty of this restaurant is known to the whole world, the pizzas. But other than the trademark Italian cuisines such as pizza and pasta, there are much more options to choose from and it won’t disappoint you when it comes to the quality and the taste of cuisines.


Tibet Kitchen, Jogiwara Road, McLeodGanj

There is a huge chunk of population over here in McLeodGanj that belongs to the Tibetan ethnicities and just for them, there is this. The Tibet Kitchen serves some of the best food items from Tibet and for the ones who are not yet aware of the taste of the cuisines from the neighbouring land;need to do it asap. The food is excellent. The dishes such as thukpas, sausages and thenthuks make it a great experience to be sitting in the beautiful place (incorrect English) and eating some the most delicious food.

Namgyal Cafe, Om Hotel, Nowrojee Road, McLeogGanj

Finding this beautiful place going through the streets and the roads may not be easy for you, as it remains largely unknown. (incorrect sentence formation) But for those who have managed to locate it, swears by the taste and the quality of the cuisines that get served in the place. The highlights of the foods here are salads, cakes and pastas.


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