Come, explore the diversity in modern Indian cuisine at Indian Accent, Manor Delhi

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What’s Hot?

Every dish on the menu is so amazingly prepared that keeps people coming back for more. Everything else from the nomenclature to the style of presentation is the most contemporary which makes you eagerly crave for the next dish. Both taste and experience are reborn as the chef uses the most authentic Indian ingredients such as jackfruit, bitter gourd, and eggplant and does the creative plating.

The thrill of going through the marvelously designed menus by the chefs entices you to look at food with a whole new respect. The warm hospitality and the explanation of each dish with so much passion are sure to get you kicking.

The Location

Tucked away from the Delhi’s madness and busy roads, the restaurant is located in an adorable posh area in New Friends Colony. The restaurant attracts a generation of food lovers both old and young, and caters to nearly all thinkable gastronomical needs.

What to try?

The finest dishes to try are medu wada, paapdi chaat and all the sweet dishes which will melt in your mouth.

The Anar Avacado Raita is a scrumptious meal to try. The Daulat ki Chaat is an iconic recipe to try. Don’t miss it, even if you are too full. It could be a nice dish to finish up your meal. Light, fluffy and mildly sweet, the dish is the restaurant’s pride. There is so much to be tasted and relished in vegetarian food. Stuffed Mirchi shouldn’t be left out.



Marked with an impressive lineup of dishes, the restaurant has won every single award in the Best Modern Indian category. Considered as the pioneer in presenting simple Indian food in a modern avatar, Indian Accent is true to its fame.

What’s Special

There is absolutely a zilch chance of not finding a happy moment at this place. The tasting menu lives up to its hype so you can opt for the tasting menu before you select your final dishes to order.



The indoors and outdoors seating enhances the rich feel and also the ambiance is moderately spacious for the guests. There is a bar too and an area where one can see the chef cooking food and serve it as it’s made. This is similar to the Japanese Teppanyaki style of cooking. It’s a sheer delight to watch and dine in that ambiance. Elegant and plush is what you would like to call the ambiance.

What’s so special?

The entire menu is so different than the usual restaurants in Delhi, don’t miss the puchka chat with differently flavored water.



Price is on the higher side but we truly recommend a visit. The price is Rs.4000 for two people (approx).

Quick Tip

It is difficult to get the table impromptu; hence it is advised to make a reservation in advance.

The Verdict

Indian Accent is one of India’s leading restaurants, which catches your attention. So it’s not hard to see why this restaurant made it to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list. Overall, it’s a privilege to dine here. In the genre of Modern Indian food in Delhi, it’s luxury dining.  For reservations, reach out to us at

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