Famous Sarees from the heartland of India !!

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Are you a saree lover? Then Madhya Pradesh is a state for you to visit. There are lots of things Madhya Pradesh is growing to be a favorite among tourists – religious places, places, forts, festivals, handicrafts, wildlife to name a few. One very big attraction of Madhya Pradesh, especially for the fairer gender is its sarees. Madhya Pradesh has several towns famous for their sarees.

Maheshwari Sarees, Maheshwar

The first in the list of our list of three towns saree lovers should visit in Madhya Pradesh, Maheshwar is a household name among many communities because of its sarees.

It is one of the most important tourist attractions because of several reasons. Ahalya Fort, Sahasradhara, over a hundred temples, being the location of shouting of one of our favorite movies ‘Pad man” and not to mention Maheshwari Sarees.

Maheshwari sarees are woven by using wooden looms and are traditionally colored using vegetable dyes which make them expensive (the ones using chemical dyes though less costly are in no way as attracting as far as we are concerned). The popular colors for Maheshwari sarees include dalimbi (deep pink), angoori (grape green), tapkeer (deep brown)  gul bakshi (magenta),  jaamla (purple), aamras (golden-yellow), etc. The pallav or aanchal of the Maheshwari sarees have five alternating stripes of which three are of different colors but two are always white. The zari and the kinari are used to embellish the ones which often have a very rich golden border with two gold bands on the pallav. Mostly, designs of floral and geometric patterns are weaved on saree.

The Maheshwari sarees have a reversible border which makes it possible to wear them both sides. The sarees always have a light cotton cloth which floats on the body thus making them perfect wear in Indian Summers – especially in a place like Madhya Pradesh where summers can be really hot.

The best place to obtain Maheshwari sarees is within Ahalya Fort where Maa Rewa Society has a weaving center. ‘Maa Rewa’  is the name with which people of Madhya Pradesh call the Narmada out of love. Though handloom industry was always prosperous, Maheshwari sarees can trace their popularity to the reign of Queen Devi Ahilya Bai who can be seen donning a beautiful Maheshwari saree in a painting in her fort there. The industry was dying in the 20th century before Richard Holkar and his wife Sally started this weaving project in order to revive the industry of Maheshwari sarees and give employment to the local women to save the dying industry. The sarees have now regained their old popularity. And in fact, the weavers have now diversified into other forms of clothes – dupattas, scarves, shawls, etc. A Maheshwari saree might be a perfect souvenir from the town of Maheshwar. You can find an original saree starting from the price of 3000 rupees


Bagh Print Sarees, Dhar

Located just 70 Kilometers west of Indore, Dhar district is second in our list of three town saree lovers should visit in MP thanks to its tremendously popular Bagh print sarees.

Bagh Print is a traditional styled hand block print that uses natural colors and originated in Bagh town on the shores of Bagh river (hence the name of the sarees), Dhar District. The sarees printed used cotton and silk cloth. Bagh print texture most popularly comprises of repeated geometric and botanical pieces using vegetable shades of red and dark over a white foundation.

The sarees can also be brought from TribesIndia a government of India organization. The prices of original Bagh Print sarees start from 2000 rupees which is nothing if one was to understand the exhausting process the sarees have to go through before they hit the market.

Besides the sarees, the town itself is full of historical spots that make it a minor tourist attraction – a Fort, the tomb of Shaykh Changāl, Pillar Mosque, Kamāl Maulā Campus, Bhoj Shala, Cenotaphs and Old City Palace, a Museum, an Agency House and Jheera Bagh are some of the historical monuments that might interest tourists

Chanderi Sarees, Chanderi

Third, in our list of Three town saree lovers should visit in Madhya Pradesh is Chanderi, a town in Ashoknagar district and location of shooting of Bollywood movies like Stree and Sui Dhaga. A 108-kilometer journey on National Highway 44 from Jhansi will land you in the historic town of Chanderi. Chanderi offers countless attractions to tourists who are looking for an offbeat destination – mesmerizing views of hills, lakes, forests, as well as Bundeli Rajputana monuments and Jain temples, are among its attractions. Its chief attraction though is its Chanderi sarees.

The Chanderi sarees trace their beginnings as far back as the around the 13th century. Made by using silk and cotton as its material, these sarees famous for its gold embroidery Zari and Brocade. Traditional coin, floral art, peacocks and geometric designs are woven into different Chanderi patterns. It is a lightweight sari with a luxurious feel to it. The cost of original Chanderi saree starts from Rs. 5000.

Don’t forget to pick the above while in Madhya Pradesh.

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