Jibhi – The unexplored and untouched hamlet in Kullu

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Himachal Pradesh happens to be one enchantress of a state and nature has bestowed the state with some of the most beautiful and scenic places to be found in the entire country. One such place which remains largely unexplored is a small village called Jibhi. One can reach the village quite easily from the Chandigarh-Manali highway. One night drive from the national capital New Delhi will bring you here. The locations around here are so beautiful that even the most tiring journey will seem all worth it once you set your foot in here. Located in the arms of the beautiful Banjar valley, Jibhi is known for its enchanting sceneries and photogenic places. Banjar valley happens to be one of the most typical beauties surrounded by the greenery and Himalayan magnificence.


Famous For

The town has some very famous Victorian pinewood cottages for the tourists where they can just relax after coming back from tiring and long trips. Jibhi becomes home for a few months not only for the Indians or the locales, but for the foreign tourists as well. People from countries such as UK, Belgium, Israel and much more can be seen here roaming the streets or drinking ‘Chai’ on the stalls. They make it their home for a few months before they continue their journey to explore more of the Himalayan range.


There comes a great view of a river flowing through the valley from the cottage where we stayed. This was easily one of the most beautiful moments that we had experienced. The uncomfortable silence seems so comforting here. It’s just nature and its bliss, without the contamination that has been caused by the ever-developing human civilization in other parts of the world.


Chain Village was the next stop, which was way more beautiful than we expected. Let alone the natural marvels which seem like to be there in almost every corner of the state. The ancient structures here gives us a glimpse of the ancient history of the town. The Chinese-inspired architecture tells a lot of untold stories.

The 3 to 4 hours trek is all you need to reach Chain. There is a Sharing Bagi temple which is one great marvel of architecture. Monuments like this make us realize that even without all the technology and stuff, our forefathers were way ahead of us when it came to creating the awe-inspiring structures.

Other places one can visit in and around the Jibhi village are Chaini Fort, Jalori pass, Sarehul lake, Rahupur Garh fort and of course, the lush greenery needs a mention here as well. Other than that there is trekking that can impress the tourists quite nicely. The way is quite long and adventurous and can easily satisfy every last fabric of your being.

How to reach there?

The beautiful lush-green village of Jibhi is situated at the Chandigarh-Manali Highway. The most convenient way to reach this heavenly valley is by boarding a bus from Anand vihar ISBT, New Delhi heading towards Manali and Get down at Kut. There you can get many private and government  transport service, which will take you to the desired destination.

Travel Tip

While you visit the dreamy town, don’t forget to experience the extremely beautiful and affordable Victorian pinewood cottages and just unwind and relax. After all you’re on a holiday! So feel the fun..

Nature has been extremely patient while designing this very small town, it sometimes makes us realize, how a place this beautiful can remain untouched for so long. Beautiful and pure as a newborn baby, Jibhi is one marvel of a place and deserves to be explored by more people.

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