Kasol – a tourist heaven where it feels just magical to get high

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Situated in the Parvati valley of the beautiful north Indian state, Kasol is a little village that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations among the Indian and the foreigners alike. The Parvati River flows beside it and acts as a lifeline to the spot.

How to reach

The airport nearest to Kasol is located in Bhuntar, but the flights are rare and a costly affair. As the place is not connected by railway and flights are not very frequent to Kullu, the only way to hit this region is by road. So if you are planning to reach Kasol from Delhi or Chandigarh, road is the ideal route.

There are ample bus services from Delhi that could get you here in an approx 14 hours time. The buses run via Chandigarh mostly.

Things to do at Kasol

Kasol is a tourist heaven, and out of the countless things that you could do at the place, here are a few of them.

Walk by the Parvati river- There is nothing more uplifting than a brisk walk along the magnetic current of the river Parvati while grasping in the beautiful landscapes surrounding it. As the crystal clear blue sky gets pierced with the snow capped peaks of Himalayas, the image just stays with you for a very long time.


Visit Manikaran Sahib- If you happen to be in Kasol, don’t forget to give a brief visit to Manikaran Sahib, a magnificent gurudwara located just about 6 kilometres away from Kasol. You can either take a hike or book a ride to the place, whatever suits you really. The spring water near the monument is known to have healing powers. So, in a way, medical tourism is also one other reason for the place to be popular.


Visit Malana – Malana is a small community of tribal people and a must visit place for travelers seeking adventure and sightseeing.


The place is famed for its cultivation of Malana cream, which is a quality of Hash, About 5 – 6 hours of the trek away from Kasol can bring you to this place.  Hiring a local guide is the best choice to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and explore the exclusive ways of living of this village.

Kheer Ganga- Kheer Ganga is one lush green place reached by a long trek from Kasol. Those with poor health may find it extremely hard to go along with the trek. But once you manage to go through it, you experience a whole new world of enlightenment within you.

Activities in Kasol

Trekking and Rock Climbing

A trip to a hill station is basically incomplete without some adventure and this holds true for all the adventure buffs. Kasol is full of many trekking paths categorized right from easy to difficult and dangerous.

When the weather is perfect, one can go for a short trek of half an hour to Village Chalaal or opt for a longer trip to Pulga Village. Tosh and Kheer Ganga are the two places which give you an adrenaline rush through your veins while trekking.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to experience the silence and solace of nature in Kasol is from March to May. At this time of the year, the weather is pleasant enough and welcoming to the visitors and the temperature varies from 15-22 Degree Celsius.

Although the Kasol experiences good weather throughout the year, the ideal time to explore the wilderness of the place is from March to May. At this time of the year the weather is pleasant and the temperature varies from 15-22 Degree Celsius.

What to eat

Apart from being known as a hippie paradise, Kasol also caters in a great way to the food lovers. Israelis form the biggest section of the tourists in Kasol and thus, the town serves some great Israeli food along with pan-Indian cuisines. There are little dhabas, stalls and restaurants in every corner where you can go to satisfy the hunger pangs. Some of the best restaurants in Kasol are Evergreen, Moon Dance Cafe, Jim Morrison Cafe, Stone Garden Cafe and Little Italy.


Being a prime tourist spot, there are many hotels and cottages made available for the tourists in different budget options. Parvati Kuteer, Shivalik, Devlok International and Sun N Wind are a few popular hotels that provide some great services to the tourists at very reasonable prices.

Kasol is a beautiful place, one of those places where you must bring your family for a good time. So what have you been waiting for? Start packing!!

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