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Chaukori is an ideal hill station destination in Uttarakhand. Set amidst the Kumaon hills, it gives a panoramic view of the hills. So, when in Chaukori, you need such a place to stay from where you can enjoy the view as well as get the complete holiday feeling. Chaukori is one such place which has Tibet to its north and Terai to its south. Chaukori is the nature lover’s paradise since located above 2,010mts above sea level, the place offers magnificent views of nature’s beauty and splendor. And since Chaukori is one of the lesser explored destinations, one would find it peaceful and free from crowds and tourist exploitation.

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KMVN properties are maintained by the state government tourism department as is the case with this hotel. It is located in the perfect spot with scenic views and yet has a low price range for rooms. The beautiful garden, cottages, as well as the watchtower for a mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset, just add to the qualities of the hotel, making it more attractive for tourists.

Address: Bageshwar-Munsyari Road, Chaukori, Sun Set Point, Almora, Uttarakhand

How to reach: Most people prefer traveling to Chaukori via road and KMVN Chaukori even has parking facilities available. But  the place can also be accessed via other means of transport like:

By Air: the Nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport which is located 205 kms away.

By Rail: Kathgodam which is the nearest railway station is located 180 kms away.

By Road: Chaukori is connected by roads with major cities of North India.

Rooms: The rooms of the hotel were of decent size, but we chose to stay in the cottage for the overall good experience. The only reason for us making that decision was that the cottages were more secluded and on the quiet side while the hotel rooms would have been noisy. And the cottages were better in appearances and provided that personal cozy spot to us. Moreover, we just liked the idea of staying in a cottage better than staying in a room and since we had the budget to make that call, we did. In any case, the rooms are also quite nice.

The view from the window right near our bed showed us the majestic Himalayas. We were in awe of the incredible scenic view and didn’t even have to move from the bed to see it. The room itself was also quite decent with a nice and clean bed. The room was well-furnished and had all the modern facilities available. Though a little washed up after being constantly used for years, we didn’t mind staying there. The best thing about the room was that it was free from the noisiness of the city. Since the hotel is situated in a hamlet, even the view was free from any distractions and instead of car horns, we could hear the birds chirping. The room was also spacious with an attached bathroom. It also had an individual verandah for us to walk around. We could see the garden that was right outside. The garden also had swings for children and just added to the already scenic view of the mountains. It also made for a perfect place to sit and enjoy beverages or click pictures.


Food and Amenities: They had both veg and non-veg options but a limited menu. The food was good like homemade. The staff was quite nice and polite, always at the beck and call, ready to help out in any way they could. The room service was okay.

Facilities: No wi-fi but great parking facilities. The breakfast was complimentary. The room also had a Plasma Tv, room heater and other basic facilities. It was comforting.

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Highlights: It is quite good for a budget accommodation. Above average facilities and services at a cheap price. The location is the main plus that the hotel has. It is situated at just the right spot to give the great view to all the people staying here. A great view of the Nanda Devi Peaks can be seen from here and the sunrise and sunset views are especially remarkable. Another highlight is that the hotel is located in the calm and quiet location, so we could relax easily. Stepping right outside the hotel, we went for a walk and there are many unexplored paths that one could choose to walk on while staying here. We did come back during sunset to see it from the watchtower and it was an out of the world experience. We took in the entire view of the mountains, the garden, the scenery and how the clouds and sunrays just added to the already artistic feel of it all.


What to do nearby:

Just 9km from Chaukori is Dharamghar where the disciple of Gandhi, Sarla Behn spent her last days. The other major tourist attractions to visit nearby are Berinag, Patal Bhuvaneshwar, Gangolihat and also Hat Kalika temple. All these attractions are at a short distance from the hotel and easily accessible through roads. Out of them all, Patal Bhuvaneshwar is specifically recommended. It is a limestone cave and much popular among pilgrims.

Since it is a hill station, the best thing to do around here is just sit back and relax while reading a book with a cup of coffee. One can also choose it as a destination to test one’s photography skills or escape from a heavy work schedule or the noisy city. This is the kind of place where one comes to be alone to do some soul-searching or just taking a few days off. It can also be chosen as a honeymoon destination or a picnic spot for families.

Best Time to Visit: After the monsoon.

This leaves the weather still nice and cold while adding to the misty beauty of the place without the hassle of ruining your outdoor expeditions with rain. But if you are planning to just sit back and relax and are the sort of person who likes rain, then monsoons work great too.

Coming off-season also has its pros and cons. The pros would be complete seclusion, cheap booking and cons would be lousy service and limited food menu since the staff would not be too keen on getting things from the market. You will have to make do with the options available. But since there isn’t much of a crowd here even during the season, no point in making an off-season travel.

Overall Verdict: Though there are indoor or outdoor activities available, most of the people who travel to Chaukori, do it for the views and the weather, as a relaxing outing and with that context, KMVN Chaukori hotel is the best place to stay. Just don’t forget to bring your camera and capture the memories for lifetime.


  • If the non-veg option is not available, you can always get the chicken from the market and the hotel staff will cook it for you.
  • Do carry your insect repellant and light woolen clothing.
  • Do not miss the sunrise and sunset.
  • We recommend it for travel bloggers who wish to add some mountains to their Instagram feed.
  • Bring a book, or better yet, bring two.

For bookings drop us a note at Highly recommended place.

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