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This momo restaurant in Hauz Khas Village is a place to satisfy all your momo cravings or just to rest and eat something between your bar hops. We went there to try out different varieties of momos one day as we had been hearing a lot about this place that offers so many varieties if delicious momos. It is perfect for when you are bored with homemade food and want some light snacks for the evening.

Ambiance: As soon as you enter, the yellow, red and orangish exterior just lifts your mood. The seating is medium spacious and the lighting is good so you can click pictures of your food to make your Instagram followers and foodie friends jealous or just click selfies with friends to make memories. The staff though a little interfering at times is mostly cooperative.

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Menu: The menu is much diversified. There is so much to choose from. They have chicken tandoori momos, chocolate momos, malai tikka momos. Prawn momos, Mushroom momos, Pan fried momos. There is also Schezwan sauce and Tomato garlic sauce available.

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Food: We ordered Schezwan chicken pan-fried momos which didn’t turn out good as the filling was not tasty and the sauce was too tangy. The mushroom momos we tried were just normal, nothing too delicious. They should add more spices to the mix to make them tastier. Now the Malai tikka momos were incredibly tasty and creamy. There were so many varieties available but we did not experiment with many of it. The Tandoori chicken momos have a smoky flavour which I enjoyed. It was served with refreshing mint chutney and the chicken filling itself was juicy and delicious. After being disappointed with the other momos, it was a risk to order more stuff but we did it anyway because we wanted to try it. And we’re glad because we found some really delicious stuff too. The preparation is good but you have to be selective with what you are ordering.


Highlights: Home delivery is also available. There is a huge variety to choose from in both steamed and pan-fried momos. The Tandoori chicken momos and Malai Tikka momos are a must-try.

Verdict:  Wow momos just like their name suggests give you yummy momos that will have you thinking ‘Wow’ at a decent price. If you are ever craving momos in Delhi, then this is the right place to go. With so many varieties to confuse you about what to order and decent pricing so that it doesn’t affect your pocket much, it gives you momos that you will keep coming back for.  Though, I do believe they need to work on some of their dishes and add spices to make them taste better. Some momo fillings were just bland and I expected more.

Going again: We will definitely be going there again and trying other stuff on their menu. There was Moburg and Thupka that we are excited about trying.

Cost: Rs 350 for 2 people approx

Address: 8-A, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

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