Sit back, read your favorite book in the arms of the mountains at Khembharti Homestay

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Not known to many, Banjar in Himachal Pradesh has earned the name as an amazing tourist destination as it offers enticing key attractions to the tourists and hosts a chilly atmosphere. Khem Bharti Homestay contributes to the grandeur of the beauteous Banjar. Be it this place or any other destination in the country the stay becomes even more comfortable with the home staying options emerging. One such homestay in the very beautiful Tirthan valley is Khembharti that makes your stay incomparable to others.

The sole purpose behind the establishment of a guest house or homestay is to provide the tourists a feeling of being at home while wandering around sightseeing in an alien place. And as it happens, Khembharti excels in that regard. The surrounding beauty of the place serves as a perfect companion for the tourists spending their night here. On the top of it, the best services are being provided to them just makes the experience further more worthwhile.

How to reach

This homestay in Banjar can be easily reached via travel hubs such as Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation Bus Stand (6 km) and Kullu Manali Airport (56 km). One can also visit Tirthan (1 km) and Hamani Temple (1 km).  The hotel is located across the Tirthan River on the main road.

About the place

Khembharti hotel is known to be one of the most affordable budget hotels in the entire Banjar region. The popularity of the hotel is quite evident if you visit there in the holiday season. Most probably, you would not be able to find the rooms. The entire place is a two storey building with an enthralling architecture and comprises of 4 rooms.  The hotel accommodates a total of 5 well-spaced rooms with all the basic amenities. The rooms are cleaned from time to time by the very efficient hotel staff and the warm hospitability one receives at the reception just adds on to the overall experience of staying in a high profile place such as this.


Services provided

The impeccable parking service provided by the hotel is widely appreciated. The tourists can safely park their vehicles here and go on their sightseeing adventure without any worries.

-The hotel has appointed a well-trained staff of physicians so that the tourists receive immediate medical attention in case of an emergency.

-Laundry facilities at Khembharti meet the international standards.

-Luggage storage also happens to be here.

-In case you have booked your rooms in advance, the hotel appointed vehicles can pick you up from airport and while checking out, you will be dropped off at the airport as well.

-The hotel provides free wi-fi access to all their rooms.

-The in-room amenities ensure a comfortable stay at the place. The wakeup calls and breakfast in bed along with a flawless supply of warm and cold water and electricity are without a question, the best you can ever get on a budget.



The next time to decide to make a trip to Tirthan valley, remember to plan your stay at Khem Bharti Homestay for its welcoming hospitality and good accommodation.

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