The small picturesque hamlet, Pangot

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The small village of Pangot is located in the arms of some fresh and beautiful mountain ranges, at the distance of 15 km from the beautiful hill station of Nainital. This alluring Kumaon village happens to be an unabashed paradise for the tourists.


Things to do in Pangot

The family trips can’t get any better than this. The long walks through mesmerizing oak trees, cedar, pine, and bamboo, make one think whether a place like this exists. Still unknown to a great extent for many a travel junkies, Pangot is a treat to the eyes. The walk between Pangot and Kilbury forest rest house is quite eccentric and accessible.

This article is an attempt to guide you to explore the unexplored. So let’s talk more about what is there to see in Pangot, how to reach there and other important details if you are planning to visit the place.

Bird watching

The travelers across the world visit this place for bird watching and explore the immense diversity of mother nature.It is now one of the famed destination for nature lovers.

Birds happen to be the biggest source of attraction for the nature lovers all over the world who come here. They come here to study the different habits of almost 250 species of birds which are very rare and one of its kind, can be seen around here. Other than that, ample services are provided to cater to the bird watchers that come from different parts of the country and the world.

Experiencing the adventure of Trekking

If you are adventure lover and Trekking is your passion, then you are at right place. This is the time to have some thrilling experience. Trekking to Naina Peak is one of the most loved activities for adventure lovers. Pangot is the base camp for the travelers, who come to explore the unexplored mystery of the Himalayas. Early morning is the ideal time to start your trekking from Pangot Valley, don’t forget to pack your lunch and water.



There aren’t many shops in the Pangot area, the reason being its closeness to nature in all its purity and poetry. To buy, you must move to Nainital which is not too far away from the place. There is a Tibetan market nearby, and it will not disappoint you. You can buy anything from here, and there is one condition, though, you should be good at bargaining.

Nearby Places to Visit

A trip to Nainital

Located at just about 15 km from Pangot is Nainital, one of the most favorite and widely popular tourist spots in the entire country. Located in the arms of Kumaon hills, this place resembles paradise and no doubt it has made its secure place among the most beautiful locations in the entire country and also as one of the most popular tourist destinations.

A trip to Ranikhet

About 20 kilometers away from Pangot is this one other beautiful place, Ranikhet. Known for its lush greenery and some of the most photogenic visuals, this is one heaven of a tourist spot. It also is home to the Kumaon regiment of the Indian army, and most of the tourists come here to witness that. The hygiene and the cleanliness around the place are fantastic.


Sattal– This is a place which got its name from being located in the midst of seven lakes, in the middle of a ancient and mysterious oak forest. It happens to be located at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Pangot and one of the main stops for the tourists who visit the area.


Despite having a significant lack of places to see, Pangot remains one of the most beautiful locations in the country and as the tourism industry here is on the rise, the coming years may bring something more for Pangot.

How to Reach

Pangot has situated 17 km away from Nainital at NH-87 and is within easy reach from Nainital. It just takes a half an hour drive, and you are there at Pangot. Pangot is well connected with major cities of Northern India. The Pangot can be reached either by bus or private taxi via NH 87.

The nearest airport has Pantnagar situated 58 km away. The distance from Pantnagar airport to Pangot can be easily covered in one hour. The taxi services from the Pantnagar airport are easily available, and it will cost around Rs.600.

Nearest Railway Station: Haldwani(48 km), Kathgodam(50 km), Ramnagar(70 km)

Travel Tip

Winter is the ideal time to visit the beautiful valley of Pangot!

Don’t forget to carry your Camera!!!

If you are nature-centric and love to unfold the mysterious chapters of nature, then a trip to the small village of Pangot will be worthwhile for you.

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