Zuari river, Goa

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After going to so many beaches in Goa, while we were driving from North Goa to South goa, we reached a bridge. The bridge gave such a picturesque view of the Zuari river. The river with its yellow hue (because of the silt), looked spectacular. It was a panoramic view so we decided to make a pit stop near the river. We spent some time on the beach looking at the landscape and the greenery that surrounded the river. Then we decided to take a boat trip.


The boat trip is a must for anyone who visits Zuari River as you get to experience the beauty of the river first hand up close and not from a distance. It is also apt for bird watching and we got close to many birds and were able to take pictures as well. The river is so calm and serene that it soothes your soul and as you see the sunlight reflecting on the water’s surface it is like millions of tiny diamonds are floating on the river.

A guided tour takes you to the mangroves for watching birds. Kamat is the man if you wish to find a tour guide. He runs a place called ‘Crocodile Station’. We saw 6 species of Kingfisher alone. We also saw Greater Crested Earnns and other species of birds that stood on the wooden stumps as we watched and clicked pictures. Also, the river is popular as a habitat for crocodiles and we spotted four of them while we were there. It was also a very strangely exciting incident. We could also see the Portuguese churches on the hills along the river side. The reflection of those trees and hills on the river made for a great view as well. There were some local fishermen with their canoes as well. Little fishes jumped around the boat making the experience very light and joyful. Then we saw a bunch of flying foxes bats hanging from a tree and though it scared us a little bit, the bats were inactive and were not bothered by anything. One can easily spend a few hours here looking at such diverse bird species and just enjoying the calmness of the river.

Zuari 2

There is also a sunset point from where you can see as the sun sets and the horizon it forms as if it is dipping into the river itself. That is the best time to visit the river. Since not many tourists know about this spot, it is not very crowded but a charming place nonetheless.

Zuari 4

As we drove along the road on the Zuari river, that is also an image that got framed into our minds. It is such a beautiful view that one cannot forget it Zuari river is not exactly a tourist attraction but can be good for a pit stop while you are on a road trip. It is such a natural thing of beauty and the high and low tides bring new changes in the river making it look rejuvenated. We found a local seafood restaurant nearby and sat down to try some fresh and delicious seafood. The prawns were just delicious.

Zuari 4

We highly suggest travelers visit this place when you are in Goa. You can have a fun time on the bridge or go on the boat safari or do little birding.

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